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Ireland: Lonely Planet’s Best Journey 2021 Buran Crown

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BeautyIreland Went unnoticed, again, inside The best on the go is the 2021D Lonely Planet. If it was recommended to visit Galway cities in 2020, now it is planned Baron Ecotourism Network To become a master. It has been ranked among the top 10 winners in the Best Community Tourism Project category linked to the new guide. The second thing that any good traveler always brings with them is the recognition of the value of initiative and the commitment beyond it. 70 Local Realities United with the goal of making it more beautiful “Bar and Cliffs at Mohar Geopark” One of the best examples of sustainable tourism in the world.

This year’s news and changes caused by the epidemic

What has happened since the beginning of this year has changed our way of life, which is valid in all corners of the world. The new cut of the publication was designed in connection with this innovation 30 projects With strong motivational value, only grouped 3 categories: Community, sustainability and diversity. Above all, a “regenerative journey” that highlights sustainable activities and gives new life to local communities is essential.

Place to find

The Baron, Part County Clare, The famous Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland is very interesting because it contains some of the largest limestone rocks in Europe. In addition, it is known beyond national borders due to its lunar topography and vegetation. A unique microcosm that does not exclude emotions. The Baron Ecotourism Network, Shows how popular tourism and sustainability can find happy forms of coexistence.

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