Ireland locks up Italians in hotels on island: “We must protect ourselves”

Ireland locks up Italians in hotels on island: "We must protect ourselves"

One of the few hotels authorized by the state is required to spend a 12-day cruise, all locked up in the hotel, forcing passengers to pay 1, 1,875 at their own expense. This is a process that must be subjected to those who leave Italy or four other EU countries and come to Ireland: Austria, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. The ambassadors in Dublin to the five countries concerned have publicly labeled it “discrimination.” Without being overburdened, not only financially, but also on the shoulders of those who travel for family or work reasons, criticism is based on an undeniable fact. Accordingly official official figures, The five countries targeted are not number one in the EU rankings for the number of infections. Hence the confusion of a law that even European institutions consider disproportionate and irrational.

Less infections, more controls

The news spread at the same hour that we started talking about reopening in Italy after the first signs of a surge in epidemiological data. It is a situation where the Dublin authorities do not seem to have changed their minds to move forward with a plan to strictly control the island’s infections, with the aim of avoiding, after all, the arrival of Kovid’s feared variants. Ireland is not the only EU country that has applied Strong controls To smuggle individuals. Other states, such as Belgium and Finland, have been accused of imposing more restrictions due to distrust of outsiders than evidence from epidemiological data.

The ambassador’s anger

“A quantity that affects us”, Explained Italian Ambassador to Ireland, Polo Serpi“This is a serious matter for our fellow citizens and especially for our community in Ireland. We cannot accept this.” “People’s freedom of movement is sacred in the European Union,” Serpi said in a video released by the embassy. “Italy is making serious immunizations, and the country has similar variants in Ireland,” the ambassador added, defining the steps taken by the Dublin government as “discriminatory and selective”. “Our society cannot be harmed without a just cause,” he said. Protests by diplomats in distressed countries today joined the European Commission. A letter was recalled to Dublin regarding the imposition of a shipwreck obligation on the hotel. In the letter, a spokesman for the European Union’s executive explained that “Ireland could achieve the same results as containing the infection” with “uncontrolled measures”. Hence the invitation to the Dublin authorities to “follow the recommendations of the Council of Europe” based on the principles of “proportionality and non-discrimination”. A warning from Brussels that it could soon turn into a breach. The Irish authorities have ten days to respond to the commission, “said a spokesman.

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No need to go backwards

Irish Minister of Health, Stephen Donnelly, Already It was informed He told local newspapers that he would not apologize to the European Commission or the Italian ambassador to Ireland. Donnelly said he was confident the move was in line with EU law. “I do not apologize to the European Commissioner or the Italian Ambassador or anyone else for taking steps that we believe are right to ensure the safety of the people of this country,” the minister said. Asked if the commission was wrong in expressing concern, Donnelly downplayed it: ‚ÄúThis is not the Commission’s priority. The priority is to protect the people. “

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