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Ireland: Liddle distributes free tampons and sanitary towels to women

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21. April 2021 – 14:40 Clock

Coupons for toilets

In Ireland, women and minors can now use an app to buy free sanitary towels and tampons – at a discount. The campaign was launched by supermarket giant Lid in collaboration with an aid association for the homeless. Once a month, women who cannot afford hygiene products can register at an discounter’s app and receive a voucher there, which can redeem them for a pack of tampons or sanitary towels.

The problem with expensive hygiene articles

Ireland is another European country dealing with the problem of expensive hygiene products for women. But the pioneers are Scots. Scotland was the first country in the world to pass a law making tampons and pads available to “everyone in need”. For example, pads and tampons are widely available in toilets in schools and universities.

Can that be imagined for Germany as well? According to a study, women spend an average of 500 euros a year on menstrual products. Although the VAT on hygiene products will be reduced in 2019, the laws in Scotland are not yet planned.

Tampons are genetically engineered

So far, public toilets in Germany have no tampons or sanitary napkins. In the video you can see how Ham wants to change the city as the first German city.

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