Ireland-Italy Under-21s 0-0

Ireland-Italy Under-21s 0-0

Paulo Nicoloto’s second match for the new Italy Under – 21s in Group 1 of the qualifying group for the 2021 European Championships in Hungary and Slovenia. After a 5-0 win over Luxembourg, Azurini will face a test that will be simple against Ireland, but with all the points leading to Group A’s classification. The green and white have already beaten Iceland, Armenia and Luxembourg, proving to be a competitive team. An important hurdle is the immediate provision of important information about the health of the new young Italy

L ‘Italy under 21s Of Paul Nicolato Face tonightIreland In the qualifying competition for ai Europeans 2021 In Hungary and Slovenia. After a clear 5-0 debut against Luxembourg, Azurini will face a team in good health that will lead Group A to a full point. Its strength when it comes to continental competition. The Blues will also be called up to respond to Monday’s match Armenia, Players must exceed the 20 degree temperature limit.

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