Ireland, Italian denier, Covid convinced patient to leave hospital. Man dies

Ireland, Italian denier, Covid convinced patient to leave hospital.  Man dies

Joe McCarron, 67, of Danglo, Ireland, died last Friday at the University Hospital of Letterkenny after contracting Covid-19, where an Italian, Antonio Murdoch, was persuaded to abandon the conspiracy theory. And the extreme right-wing extremist. “Come with me, here they will kill you.”

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Joe McCarron, 67, of Danglo, Ireland, died last Friday of Covid-19 at Letterkenny University Hospital, where he was admitted to hospital the previous day – in critical condition. A pulmonary ventilator. A few days ago, the sixty-seven-year-old left the hospital despite doctors’ dissenting opinion and may have been allowed to persuade a denier of Italian descent, who is Antonio Murdoch, who is now being investigated by police. For conspiracy theories in Ireland and ‘sympathy for the far right’. According to investigators, he went to the ward where the patient was admitted to the hospital, filmed the raid on his cell phone and persuaded Joe Macaron to leave the hospital. Murdoch told the 67-year-old that his life would be in danger if he stayed there and that doctors’ requests to ignore those insanities were not effective. The Italian would reply: “It is better to die at home than to be here”, leaving the hospital and claiming in another video that “Joe’s life was saved”. So, obviously, that was not the case, and it is now up to investigators to reconstruct the story and establish whether Murdoch’s intervention was in any way compelling in connection with the 67 – year – old will.

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Macron’s condition worsened after he was released from hospital on Thursday He was finally hospitalized again: he died after being injected. Investigators will now have to find any responsibility for Murdoch, a former Italian soldier and right-wing extremist. In one video, we see an elderly patient suffocating and another saying to him, “Friend, put on your pants. Let’s go home. You’re safe.” A doctor tries to convince NoWax that he’s making a mistake, and he turns to Macron, explaining that he’s endangering a patient’s life: “You have the right to decide, but I’m not sure what he’s saying. You ‘re hard to breathe, and we want you to be here to help us.” The Italian replied: “If you stay here they will kill you”.

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