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Ireland is awake! Thousands of Irish patriots demonstrated in central Dublin against mass immigration to Ireland.

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An anti-immigration march in Dublin city center on Monday afternoon drew large crowds, RTE reports. Protesters left the Garden of Remembrance and moved to O'Connell Street just before 3:30 p.m., where there was a police presence, including a line of Public Order Unit officers).

At the GPO (Dublin Post Office), guards intervened between the marchers and a small group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators. After departure, the anti-immigration march regrouped for a demonstration at Customs House Quay, which lasted until five in the evening.

protests” Get 'em out, get 'em out” Throughout the demonstration, there were chants against the government, as well as condemnations from opposition political groups, RTE reports.

Demonstrators carried signs reading “Ireland is for the Irish”, “Irish civil rights”, “Stop the WHO pandemic agreement”, “Mass deportations”, “Economic migrants are not refugees” and “Irish lives matter”. ”.

Local groups from Coolock and Newtownmountkennedy, where there have been recent protests against the buildings being used to house international protection seekers, were also represented. The signs also refer to the establishment of a new “plantation” of Ireland, referring to the colonization of the island by the English. Note some members of Sinn Féin seen among the demonstrators.

As throughout Europe, migration has become one of the main concerns of indigenous peoples in Ireland. Several demonstrations were organized and several arson attacks were carried out to protest against the conversion of buildings into housing for refugees.

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