Ireland, Irish Grassfed Beef begin procedures to register as a PGI

Ireland, Irish Grassfed Beef begin procedures to register as a PGI

The Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine has started registration applications for two Irish products: Irish Grass Fed Beef as PGI and Achilles Island Salt as PDO.

Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine “.Irish Grass Fed Beef“As a product IGP as well as “Mold Island Sea Salt“As a product DOP. Section a as part of the examination of applications National Opposition Procedure For each question in accordance with Art. Of 49 Reg. (UE) n. 1151/2012. Procedures anticipate that any natural or legal person of legal interest and residing or residing in Ireland may file an objection to the application.

Irish grass fed beef in Ditaglio

The Features Irish Grass Fed Beef to be included in the fresh meat (and offal) category submitted with the registration application is as follows.

The meat is named “Irish Grass Fed Beef” Fresh and frozen beef without bones and bonesIncluding pastures in Irish grasslands, select quarters, bone cutting, bond primals, retail packs, and derived from selected premium beef herds. Only livestock fall into this category:

  • They eat 90% grass, Mainly From the pasture, With winter feed of protected grass (insilato e Grass);
  • Spend a At least 220 days a year for pasture life.

The resulting beef is also different in appearance Specific and positive nutritional benefits. Meat from grasses is: Overall fat content is low, a Uniform distribution of fat (Come on Intermuscular marbling), An accent Color ‘Cherry Red’ Meat and a High levels of ‘creaminess’ / ‘yellow’ Due to the high beta carotene in the diet based on fat and grazing grass. It was established It contains more beta carotene than cut grass.

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The taste of grass-fed beef is often ‘complex’, ‘herbaceous’, ‘rich and juicy’, ‘full-flavored’ and genuine ‘beef’ flavor. L ‘Irish Grass Fed Beef It has been described as “rich flavor”, “exploit”, and “the most delicious beef in the world”.

When flavor mainly affects food, the Moisture It is obtained in connection with this type of meat Management before slaughtering livestock, The Freezing after slaughter And The carcass is ripe (And vacuum packaging) Follow the exact production plan (according to the Board BIA-MPQAS Meat Processors Quality Assurance Scheme). Every effort is made to reduce the stress that occurs during transport and at the time of slaughter Glycogen storage Of animals at the time of slaughter (it is necessary to begin the maturation of meat).

To learn more about this product, Click here Download the Document Document.

Fonte: Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine – Government of Ireland

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