Ireland: International tour will resume on July 19

Ireland: International tour will resume on July 19

Date May 28, 2021

The country is opening up its territory for health passport holders

That’s it, this is recovery! Tourism in Ireland intends to resume its rights from July 19. Attempts are being made to resume flights and departures, and tourists intend to make up for lost time! So this news should allow all travelers who want to go to Ireland … but beware: to re-open the Irish border you have to submit to the Health Pass authorities to reach the Irish territory.

Ireland has revived tourism

Re-opening prepared by Health Passport

The rules are simple. Until July 19, any European traveler who wants to travel to Ireland can do so by being issued a health pass. This passport, which can be presented in paper or digital format, will attest to one of the following circumstances:

  • Traveler receives anti-covid-19 vaccine
  • Otherwise, the passenger has a negative PRC check within 48 hours.
  • Alternatively, the passenger may have contracted Kovid-19 6 months ago (which allows it to be considered immunized).

The presentation of this pass has many advantages: it not only allows you to travel, but also allows you to overcome the old restrictions of the shipwreck. As soon as you have been vaccinated (wherever you respond to one of the other 2 conditions given), you will be automatically admitted to Irish soil and exempted from forced shipping.

The trip to Ireland is yours!

You can rediscover a country that is fully recovering. This is because Irish pubs and restaurants are preparing to welcome the general public inside their homes from July 5 as Ireland hotels prepare to reopen from June 5.

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Museums are already open, and most tourist attractions will be able to welcome travelers by July 19th. All this while respecting barrier gestures and wearing a mask.

Great advantage for Ireland: The country will definitely attract European tourists who will attract the best tourists. These are great playgrounds for traveling, exploring, entertaining and surprising regardless of the risk of getting sick. Because we can say this: the risk of pollution in the open air is very low!

That’s why Connemara, or even Wicklow Mountain National Park, must quickly seduce travelers in their quest for freedom!

This is an important time for all of us. Prime Minister Michael Martin said. After the impact of the last 15 months, we are taking strong measures to enjoy normal time with our friends and relatives and to welcome foreign travelers. “Did he announce?”

However, Martin said these developments require caution. Also, the latter is recommended to remind you that the fight is not over yet and that even this summer you need to keep in mind the obstacle gestures.

The government will monitor and monitor the spread of the virus, paying special attention to variants such as those from India.

However, the government guarantees. According to Irish Minister Leo Varadkar, the Kovid-19 cases are a regular occurrence in Ireland. The immunization campaign has improved dramatically, and Ireland is far from the darkest months of the year.

So it is time to revitalize the country a bit and pave the way for tourism. All you have to do is organize and book your flight. One thing is for sure: you are never ready to return to Ireland!

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