Ireland in music, Bobbio, the capital of Celtic music for the weekend


After a long enforced hiatus, Ireland in Musica returns on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd July, celebrating the founding of the city by the Irish monk Columbanus Bobio, bringing Celtic music to the capital of the Trebia Valley for over twenty years. The festival will be profoundly renewed in content offering music, beer and food. During the two days of the festival, different bands will take turns on the stage set up in Piazza San Colombano, each with a different vision of Irish music.

XXIII ° Edition | 22-23 July
Piazza San Colombano, Bobbio
Free admission

Musical programming

Friday 22nd July

– Ore 21 the land

– Ore 21.45 Volkamiser: Born in 2007 with the aim of bringing folk music to pubs without giving up the rock impact. Their repertoire is always very diverse, but the real strength of Focamiseria is the spirit and approach they propose to the music, both for impressive arrangements and live full live. In 2010, they decided to self-produce their first studio album called “Festa Mobile”: 2000 copies sold in 3 years, thousands of views on YouTube, increased audience at their concerts. Their visibility in the Italian region has increased significantly, thanks to live performances by artists such as Inti Illimani, Edoardo Benetto, Modena City Ramblers, Carlos Nunez, Folkstone, Dubiosa Collective, Kocani Orkastar and many more. 15 years of activity, 5 albums, more than 1000 concerts, performances at the best European festivals with national and international artists, Foccamisseria is one of the most popular and well-known Italian folk / rock / celtic realities!

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Saturday 23rd July

– Ore 21.30 Stewart, Dammy, Lombardi Trio: The trio was formed in 2021 from the idea of ​​a collaboration between Scottish musician Callum Stewart and two musicians from the Fourth Moon and Elir group, Davide Lombardi (Italy) and Jean Damy (France). Collaborations with London Philharmonic Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra and BBC Symphony Orchestra. pot Cal is also very active as a session musician and has a trio and quartet to his name. Winner of the 2018 Best Instrumentalist Award at the BBC Scotland Traditional Music Awards. David Lombardi and Jean Dami are established musicians on the European folk scene thanks to their contemporary folk music projects such as Fourth Moon, Elir, Dallahan, Roots Quartet and Event Horizon. A new dynamic trio decided to get together and collaborate with a catchy sound that combines traditional Irish and Scottish songs with original compositions.

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