Ireland: Has the big controversy over the Blues Test been wrongly validated? (Video)


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The French won the match against Ireland on the second day of the 6th Nations Tournament. The Blues scored two tries in the match: one from Antoine DuPont in the 2nd minute and the other from Cyril Bailey in the 54th minute.

The Blues won the meeting 30-24, but was that really the case? This question arises with some new images that cast doubt on the validity of Antoine DuPont’s essay. Of course, in the angle suggested by these images, the passage between Romain Entama and the captain of the Blues may be ahead …

Inevitably, with this new video broadcast coming from the spider-cam set up in Stade de France, Irish supporters are calling it bad! Especially since these images are not broadcast live, on the screens of Stade de France, which is likely to challenge the referee.

French referee boss Frank Masillo talks about Rugby’s condition: When there is an official call for video refereeing, the director must provide the referee with all pictures and all angles. But it is a moral contract and no one can go and check if it is so. In the case of this essay, there was no call for video. The director is the sole master of the board when it comes to airing films.

We allow you to make up your own mind about the possibilities going forward, but it is not impossible for the debate to grow, or else the referees’ vigilance in the actions of France XV will increase in the coming matches. …

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In short

The Blues won the match 30-24 against Ireland, but a debate ensues about the validity of Antoine DuPont’s attempt: the pass between him and Romain Entomac will go ahead, so the test is not valid.

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