Ireland-France: A setback for the Blues

Ireland-France: A setback for the Blues

It is not a wave that beats everything in its path and leaves its mark on sunken chapels. Let’s wait a bit, some excitement, some titles. But it’s already a small flame, and on average, this new generation XV in France, 25 years old, is burning everything in the background and illuminating it with blue light.

After Rome’s 50-10 defeat to Italy at the opening of the tournament (21-16), the Irish secured a place in the Dublin Test against the Irish team this Sunday. As for the tricolor colors, all the lights are blue. We can offer wind, cold, fighting, and a pitch battle in a cave that they have not suppressed themselves since 2011, and nothing helps. Olivone and family seem to be strong, enthusiastic, confident, and sharp enough not to fall on the lawn at Aviva Stadium.

The blues have it all

“We have to be prepared for trouble,” said coach Fabian Galtic. Does he really believe in it? Is there a problem? Where does it come from? The aging and bizarre Irish people, in the absence of renewal, seem helpless without a heavy-legged murmur, and Jonathan Sexton (35) and Conor Murray (31) have been injured for years. Is there a problem? In an empty scene from any viewer as the law demands during the Kovid-19 pandemic?

Silent anarchy. Put it in order, the Blues have everything they need. From the best of them, to the best player on the planet, the alien Antoine DuPont. Half of Tricholorus’ scrum adopted such a dimension that we can find no fault in him. Attack, defense, support, withdrawal, passing, tactical kicks … The 24-year-old Toulouse player goes very fast and plays very beautifully, drowning his team to see if he can turn into an idol that everyone can push under the hail, in the storm.

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Eight wins in ten games

This is unlikely in Dublin. Because DuPont is not alone in his star. It clings to the sides of a sixteen-legged holy monster ready for bad weather. Around him, it looks as dense and hermetic as the cavalry rushes. “We are moving forward, we are making progress,” believes Fabian Galtic. We are better than we were a year ago and we are going to be even better. “

The Blues won eight times with a Biz team on March 6 in Scotland (28-17) and England (22-19 after overtime) on December 6 and lost two games. By the way, they dominated the Irish on the last day of the 2020 tournament (35-27) on October 31 in Stade de France. “Rugby is the story of bicycles,” said Didier Retier, national technical director. We are moving forward for the 2023 World Cup. Arish, English and Welsh seem to be declining. But note, we have not achieved anything yet. The enlightened blues are on their way by their little light.

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