Ireland dreams of a country of television workers

Ireland dreams of a country of television workers

Dublin intends to give the rural sector a facelift by giving them access to as much distance work as possible in the coming years, including public service. A great goal, but still unclear, the Irish Press notes.

Still limited, Ireland is thinking about its consequences. Especially in the “Opportunities Promising Changes in Work World Habits Since the Beginning of Pandemic” Make it clear Financial Times. Presented by Prime Minister Michelle Martin on Monday, March 29th “A Great Transformation Project” Of the so-called “our rural future”. Declared goal: to drive working youth out of the countryside, while at the same time leading urbanites in the opposite direction.

“This is the first such project in Europe since the beginning of the Pandemic, but there is no doubt that other countries on the continent are currently having a similar reflection on regional inequalities.” The British newspaper guarantees. In the case of the Emerald Islands, “This is to reduce the historical divide between urban and rural areas.” Where half of the Irish population lives.

To achieve this, Dublin intends to place strong emphasis on remote operation. ‘S sheet


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