Ireland, Don Martin: Like the Holy Family, we face adversity through faith

Ireland, Don Martin: Like the Holy Family, we face adversity through faith

The strength of Nazareth’s family – the priest repeated – lies in the “deep faith” in the courage and wisdom to trust God to face all adversity.

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A party that is relatively recent, but not so important: this Sunday (27/12) is the first Sunday after Christmas that we celebrate the celebration of the Holy Family. Spread to the Universal Church over a hundred years ago, in 1921, by order of Pope Benedict XVI, this Sunday was hosted by Archbishop Emon Martin, Archbishop of Armagh, and Priest of all Ireland, presided over by Mass. St. Patrick’s Church, Pennyburn. The priest reiterated the importance of seeing “a model and inspiration” in the Sagrada Familia, urging the faithful to see Jesus, Joseph and Mary as “one unit, one family of love.” Since – he added – this should not be considered merely dull, but also as a family unit that has experienced “difficulties, ups and downs, painful everyday realities” like “normal families”. But the power of Nazareth’s family – the High Priest repeated – was “in faith, in the courage and wisdom to entrust God to face all adversity.”

These three gifts – faith, courage and wisdom – were defined by the Priest of Ireland as “essential to today’s families, especially because of the crisis caused by Kovid-19”. Share with our families, the uncertainty about the future, the weakening of controls to prevent further epidemics, the confusion of changing reality, the fear of new waves and new variants of the virus, ”said the high priest. Not only that: Since the onset of the epidemic, many families have had to endure heavy crosses such as “sickness, isolation, loss of loved ones, anxiety about work and livelihood, and distance.

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But now, at Christmas, homes can find “comfort and hope in Baby Jesus, who was born as our Savior.” “Faith leads our way through uncertainty and the unknown,” said the Irish High Priest.

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