Ireland: do Original Ideas for Door Holidays

Ireland: do Original Ideas for Door Holidays

Dot door vacation suggestions in Ireland on lush green valleys, beautiful beaches, lakes, rivers and mountains.

L ‘Ireland is the best travel destination of the moment, Where the essential words are Safety and distance: The population density here is only 68%. here it is Infinity of suggestions It integrates Adventure, sports, rest, sustainability.


Greenways are cycle paths found along the old railway line. As Waterford Greenway46 km across the Ancient East of Ireland; There From Mallinker to Athlon Greenway, 42 km across the green of Ireland, finally Great Western GreenwayIt is 42 km from Westport to Achilles Island.

One of the innovations of 2021 is about the second: Cycle Path It will be extended to 56 km To Balikas in North Mayo. The work should be completed by summer. There will be light there this year as well Great Southern Greenway West Limerick, 39 km cycle / pedestrian link between Ratkel, Newcastle West and Abifelin. And on the old railway line between Kiltimag and Swinford VeloRail Project, The First in Ireland and Great Britain: It will run in 12 km pedal carriages.

The Hidden Heartland of Blueway e Non Solo Nell Ireland

Blueways lead to discovery of lakes, canals, and rivers Thanks for a network of routes to do Canoeing, by bike and on foot. Total 1000 km to travel Especially in the Hidden Hearts of Ireland, the Hidden Hearts of Ireland, a vast area of ​​rural, doctoral activities with rural communities exist. In the center of the area, The Shannon River is one of the most beautiful blueways, One of the most provocative scenes in Lightrim County. Without it Trips on foot or by bicycle, Trying Floating Boardwalk Zul Lago Acres, A 600-meter-high floating walkway between Drumshambo and Carrick-on-Shannon. The Lough Derge Blueway, which runs through Portuna, Drominer, Killalo / Ballina and Scarrif, also has 160 km of water.

The Royal Canal offers another novelty this season. This is the new Royal Canal Greenway, Bicycle / pedestrian path near the historic canal towpath. 130 km from the cosmopolitan mainland, which is open from March 24, 2021, to the beautiful Clondara in Longford. Touching Enfield and Mallinger. Those who like long distance travel should not leave Beara Briefway500 km in 12 stages The longest walk in Ireland. Walking in Cavan Burn Park, of the five paths blowing in a Prehistoric area About 340 million years ago.

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New directions through the Wild Atlantic Way

Mountain biking in County Sligo

The Koolani Mountain Bike Trial is a network of forest roads And created new single tracks Mountain bike riders. This is the first phase of a route system in the Oaks Mountains near Colony. Leading the way Forests and moors, Giving up Incredible views From Balisodare and Sligo Bay through the Sleeve League in Donegal, the Dortry Mountains and Yates Country.

Boat trips on the Galway and Coribe rivers

You live with the new shipping company Wild Galway Tour Waterway, the heart of Galway. Exits are a way to know History of the Mahanadi And around Appreciate the suggested landscape.

On the bike and on foot Aran

On the shores of Konnemara, Aran Islands Is a geographical extension of Barren Limestone, rock formations, desolate beaches, and active pubs. The biggest, Inis More, It’s changing Travel with local guides or by bicycle, A 30-minute drive from Sil Reno to Dun Angosa, and Ireland’s favorite cycling routes. Additionally, with Aaron Off Road Experience, you can take a new 4 × 4 tour of the most beautiful coastal roads. You can visit the islands on a Cliffs of Mohair cruise from Doolin. The new fast ferry line from Doolin also allows for so-called island hopping, which moves from one island to another.

Barrenness and sustainability

Founded in 2011 with the goal of replacing the barn and cliffs of Mohar Geopark At one point World Reference for Sustainable Tourism, Baran Eco Tourism Network brings together over seventy local businesses. Goal did not escape from the Lonely Planet that gave the award to the network Best Travel Award 2021, In the category of Best Community Tourism Project. Do not miss a visit to the Baron Center in Kilfenora An exhibition that tells the history and character of Barren, Kilfenora Saili Band Parlor Dedicated to the Historian Traditional music group. The cliffs of the Mohar visitor experience cannot be equally accepted for all the secrets of the extraordinary slopes.

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There is Derinine on the Scaling Coast. Here, John Fitzgerald and his daughter Kerian manage algae with workshops, tours and tasting courses, thanks to their knowledge of science, nature and food. It changes with their lessons More than 6,000 species of algae can be found on the Irish coast, more than 10,000 algae worldwide. In addition, we find that algae are the richest of the elements Benefits to human health. On harvest tours through the Wild Atlantic Way, they discover, identify and harvest seaweed.

Interesting activities in Northern Ireland

Shipping on mobile

In Benon Strand, 11 km off the coast of Causeway, you can enjoy The function of Land Sailing O Cart A Work. You sit in a light cart and line up in the wind-carrying sand, thanking Blockcart World.

Costering on the famous Causeway Coastal Route

This is a brave cross between mountaineering and water sports. Armed with a helmet and wet suit, following the shore, You climb rocks, walk on water, explore caves, They sink from the rocks. An Adventure with NI Costering Experts.

Walking with St. Patrick

In the medieval Downpatrick, 35 minutes drive from Belfast St. Patrick Visitor Center Presenting only one Regular Exhibition Became patron saint of Ireland. The center also organizes Guided tours of St. Patrick’s Way, 132 km long and divided into 6 or 10 stages from Armag to Downpatrick. You overtook the beautiful landscapes, and they appeared Some scenes from Game of Thrones.

Dooddor Nell Ancient East of Ireland

Lots of trekking tips

From the Wicklow Mountains to the 1,100 km of trails in the Munster Wales area, The mountains between Tipperary, Limerick, Cork, and Waterford. Find fans here Paths to the peaks Nokmeelda own mountains; The Walking in the ring The picturesque Glenn of Aharlov, a valley guarded by the Gelty Mountains; Roads in the Nair Valley, Between calm lakes and cliffs With incredible views of the Komarag Mountains.

Paths of Pilgrims

Kevin Walk on the Wicklows, From the Hollywood village to Glendlow Valley It is 30 km long To do during the day, that is Ideal for trainees. Of the ancient pilgrimage route Way to San DiegoInstead, it loosens For 96 km From Ardmore in County Waterford to Castle Rock in County Tipperary.

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In water

The Sue Blueway, In Tipperary County, offers one The 53 km long canoe and kayak route and the 21 km bike route On the Suir River. Once in Boyne Valley, you can climb Karachi, The Traditional Irish robot, In the Boyne Canal. Used karaches I Appeared in Game of Thrones.

Forest Bath, Celtic Tree Trial

Forest bathing is based on the ancient Celtic method of Tig Alice. This can be done across the island thanks to projects such as the “Black Stairs Eco Trial” in places like Tolimore Forest Park and on routes like the Canon Sheehan Loop Walk. In addition to the regenerative power attached to the natural aerosol, the oak-covered area covers about 3 ha. An important factor along the way is the deepening of the connection between the Ogamic alphabet, Used to copy ancient Celtic languages, And trees in Irish forests 2,500 years ago.

Lighthouses in Ireland

Irish lighthouses in isolated places respond well to the needs of safety and distance. 14 collected by the Great Lighthouse of Ireland. Blackhead e St. John’s Point They offer in Northern Ireland Beautiful accommodation mod in re-established homes of old patrons. Accommodation at the Wild Atlantic Way of Loophead, Claire, and Fanad Head in Donegal is also welcome, offering dolphin and whale watching sites. Clare Island Lighthouse It ‘s a good idea From there you have to go on a trek on foot or by bike.

A boat ride is required to visit the Fastnet Rock Lighthouse, 3.5 miles from Cape Clear Island in County Cork. It has a nickname “Tear of Ireland”: WasThe last Irish structure seen by immigrants on their journey to a new life in America. The Wicklow Lighthouse on the east coast is very athletic: you live in the lighthouse tower, so you have to climb 109 steps.

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