Ireland dissatisfied with AstraZeneca’s response to EU commitments –

Ireland dissatisfied with AstraZeneca's response to EU commitments -

Irish Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar calledNot satisfactory AstraZeneca’s response explaining why the treaty agreements with the European Union could not be honored.

AstraZeneca’s commitment can not be respected. “The big problem ”Leo Varadkar told the Irish Parliament on Thursday evening. The pharmaceutical giant has successfully shipped vaccines to the US and UK, but not the European Union.

«I also seek explanations, because I can understand that Astrazeneka is having problems with supply, production or quality control. But I do not understand how this big, successful company can honor its agreements with the United States and its commitment to the United Kingdom, but for some reason fail to honor its contractual obligations to the European Union. “, Did he announce?

Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly also criticized the company, saying AstraZeneca had made several changes to its delivery schedule over the past week.Often by reducing the volumes agreed to be delivered at the last minute. ” Labor leader Alan Kelly told the European Commission:Spoke very firmly “To AstraZeneca, but the company’s response “It’s frustrating. “.

Donnelly added that blaming the country’s national health service, the HSE, for the slow implementation of the vaccine was unfair, adding that AstraZeneca was not ready to set delivery and administration goals based on its credibility.

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