Ireland deny Italy’s first victory in 2021 tournament

Ireland deny Italy's first victory in 2021 tournament


Ryland dominated Italy from start to finish, winning his first match for the third time at the 2021 Six Nations Championships.

Seven attempts by six different players are welcome for Andy Farrell. Italy’s defeat in the match extends to 30 games.

Flight Halfback Polo Garbici used a moment of magic to comfort Juhan Meyer at half-time and to score five more points, but it was a very familiar story to the hosts.

Franco Smith’s men have scored 139 points and 19 attempts in three defeats so far.

Ireland’s dominance would have been even greater had it not been for three attempts by Ian Henderson, Standard and James Low.

He arrived at the Irish Olympic Stadium after losing the first two matches of the Six Nations Championship and making two attempts at the lowest level of the tournament.

Head coach Farrell made seven changes to the team that beat the Les Blues, including the recall of captain Sexton and vice-captain James Ryan following a head injury.

Garpic’s penalty in the fourth minute gave the hosts a good start, but when life returned to Ireland, Sexton’s boot was quickly out.

Lock pushed Henderson back when the TV matchmaker felt he had lost control of the ball before grounding, before taking advantage of the constant pressure to break the ringrose.

After a second penalty from Sexton, Keenan and Connors, who held their first trial against the Italians in October, repeated the tactic of helping the guests strengthen their grip on the match.

Fullback Keane was able to break the ball with a good Rangers dump, and five minutes later a quick ball allowed his teammate Leinster Connors to wide to the left.

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With no victories in the competition, Italy is stuck in a perpetual march and struggling to contain the speed and energy of its rivals.

Coach Smith continued from the start with a loss to England at Twickenham, but time saw Braille halfway through due to a Stephen Farny finger injury.

South Africa got more optimistic just before the half-time whistle, thanks to Garbici giving them a clean and tidy trick, allowing the mayor to bulldoze the left wing and then narrowing the gap to 27-10.

Sexton hit the lawn in frustration after receiving the attempt, and collective unrest may have prompted Ireland to react quickly.

Within three minutes of the second half, Standard was ready to score an extra point for the team.

Substitutes Gioso Silucci and captain Luka Piquെt further complicated the Italian case and awarded several concessions for penalties.

The South African-born Standard is believed to have made his second attempt in the afternoon amid yellow cards, but was acquitted after a check-up following the discovery that Ronan Keeler was injured during boarding.

With the win, Farrell made his Munster debut in the Craig Casey with the last 17 minutes, while Leinster shut down Ryan Byrd.

Casey’s brave hijab seems to have gotten an international first pass, but the best pass to Lowe is believed to be advancing, the third banned from Ireland.

Substitute Earls went to the right to complete the last-minute defeat and won the number. 33 of his career with the expected victory over Ireland against the weakest opponent in the tournament.

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83 min: This is your part! Sexton hand pump to end the day.


82 minutes: Sexton is converting. Today he has a 100% conversion rate.


81 minutes: … All this! Earls finish sixth in overtime.


77 minutes: Great pressure and acquisition from Italy, but it was useless when they got close to the ten meter line.


73 minutes: Ireland collapses in half and collapses again. Today is very bad.


69 minutes: No it is not! Go to construction.


Give it a try!

69 minutes: This is the number SIX! With Lowe.


67 min: Sexton is missing.


Give it a try!

66 minutes: This is important! Connors is coming.

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