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Cover des Albums B•O•A•T•S von Michael Patrick Kelly. Foto: --/Sony Music/dpa/dpa

This seriousness sets Kelly apart from some other pop stars. The Bavarian musician, who is an American and Irish citizen, has never made it a secret that he fell into a mental hole after the success of his family and solo debut. In faith he found help and comfort. From 2004 to 2010 he lived with his brother John in a monastery in Burgundy and studied philosophy – until he succumbed to the call of music and became a trusted distributor of hits.

But he does not want to find a hit formula. “If a melody has a certain level, you already have a good foundation for getting a hit,” he says, “but at the end of the day you know: nothing!” However, you do not need a crystal ball to attest to the new album “Bots”: the CD is made internationally, and the songs have catchy melodies and excellent stylistic skills.

In “Boats” you will find folk-influenced songs, title tracks, hard rocking tracks with hip sounds like “Diamonds & Metals”, heart touching ballads like “Blurry Eyes” or one that has already been streamed a million times. Sent to “SuperTramp”, a soft rock group reminiscent of the single release “Throw Back”. They all have an amazing honesty in common.

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