Ireland Climate: Met Iron Predicts Cooling Condition in Country with Great ‘Uncertainty’ for Christmas

Ireland Climate: Met Iron Predicts Cooling Condition in Country with Great 'Uncertainty' for Christmas

The weather in Ireland will turn into a freezing cold in the coming days and set in until Christmas Day.

Met Iron predicts that temperatures will be lower than at night and remain cold during the day.

Forecasters are forecasting some thunderstorms this weekend but if they pass it will be a mixed weekend before the cold weather arrives on Sunday night.

The first sub-zero temperature on Monday will be night, and the following days will be similar if it is not cold.

A Met Iron prophet said: “Outbreaks of rain and sleet will clear the east on Monday morning, with the rest of the day being bright or sunny and dry.

“Light to moderate westerly winds of 6 to 9 degrees in the afternoon.

“Monday night is cold and mostly dry with clear showers. However, rain or sleet may affect the southern coastal counties, and there may be some light rain near the northwest coast,” he said.

Frozen Fields Around Paulakeri Tower House In Kil Sheelan, Co Tipperary

“Frosty temperatures from -1 to +2 degrees and risk of frost patches. South or variable winds.”
The forecast is a little more uncertain than usual, as we head into Midweek. The main uncertainty is a low pressure system expected to move to the Ireland from the southwest on Tuesday.

“The main uncertainty is how much rain and wind will get to the north associated with this system and whether it will affect our coasts.

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The duration and extent of the time at this point are still unclear, but the southern parts of the country are likely to experience light rain or light snow (depending on the time), with strong winds from Tuesday to Wednesday. G.

“Tuesday and Wednesday will be cold, with temperatures as high as 3 to 7 degrees during the day, with a chance of snow on both nights.”

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are expected to be very good, but the chances of a white Christmas are not so high.

Christmas Eve looks cool with sunshine and nice dry weather, but a little rain.

“Temperatures range from 4 to 7 degrees Celsius, with light to moderate northwesterly conditions. Mainly dry conditions are likely to persist with clear spells on Christmas Eve.

“Right now, Christmas Day is becoming mainly dry, with some bright or sunny breaks. However, there is a chance of some rain later in the northwest.”

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