Ireland Celebrates National Famine Day Today • Guide

Ireland Celebrates National Famine Day Today • Guide

National Famine Remembrance Day has always been an emotional memory

Ireland, very close to its history, is celebrating “National Famine Remembrance Day” today, a day of tribute to the horrific episode of the Great Famine that devastated nearly 25% of Ireland’s population. This annual celebration is an opportunity for the Irish to commemorate one of the most tragic events in Ireland’s history and to ensure that no details are forgotten.

A play that still lives on in the mind

The Great Famine: An episode that still shocks a nation today

Every year, Ireland dedicates a special day to commemorate the Great Irish Famine and counts its dramatic loss of life. A day when schools organize a minute of silence, while television historical documentaries abound, as Ireland becomes the scene of various celebrations, in monuments dedicated to drama.

To this day, every Ireland, in its duty, strives not to forget the facts. The facts are that between 1845 and 1848 all the potato fields in the country were severely affected by their own ancestors who were starving, dying or fleeing due to the terrible epidemic of drought.

It is estimated that between 500,000 and 1 million deaths were recorded in Ireland during this period. Two million people would have emigrated to the United States, Australia, or Great Britain.

Ireland’s face forever marked, frightening figures.

To this day, Ireland also maintains a lasting bitterness in the face of historical events. If England had paid more attention to what was happening on the Emerald Islands, the impact of the Great Irish famine on the population at that time could have been limited.

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Because, as a reminder, Ireland was under English rule at the time … However, London used Ireland as a real “shopping basket” by exploiting the resources of the Emerald Isle (meat, crops, wool, alcohol, etc.). Export them directly to England …

When the Irish lost their livelihood, the British continued to exploit these resources without redistributing them to the Irish (the British organized soup kitchens, but not in comparison to their original capacity to help the Irish nation).

Events that constantly create controversy, always evoke the ghosts of the past.

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