Ireland celebrates Brittany!

Fête de la Bretagne en Irlande

Discover and live the Breton tradition, folklore and spirit! Every year in the month of May, the F ഡിt de la Bretagne “Goul Brech” brings together thousands of people from all over the world.

In Ireland (A noteAns: 98 out of 150 twins in existence between Ireland and France are in Brittany!), To celebrate this special occasion, the Alliance Franchise, the Galway Twinning Committee-Loriente, the Alliance Franchise Network of France, offers you an online program of events special events organized by Brecher.

Expect great musical performances from the piano sail, online screening of ‘Le Mr Henry Pick’, online pop art exhibition of works starring Camille Cottin (10 per cent) and Fabrice Luccini, who starred in Finister, and many other associations at Nisson (Brittany) !

Program in Galway (twin city of Lorient)

1- Online online screening of a French film Mr. de Henry Pick in Brittany (300s tickets genie tickets)
The French Embassy joins the celebration by offering a screen screening of the 2019 film in the UK

2- Pianosian online genre online concert, Recorded a performance at the Port of Galway with 2 musicians from Galway.

Pioneer It is an artistic and nautical project led by the piano and the voice of Marie Hughesman Bertho. Pianosion wants to be an ambassador for a free and experienced international culture shared across the seas.
Sailor, pianist and lyricist, they travel from port to port to give concerts.

During each concert, the piano deft is elevated from the rear cabin to the deck via a custom system that converts it into a stage.
Marik is currently in Galway and has recorded a concert with 2 Galway musicians Liz Maxwell and Michael Chang.

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3 – Online online exhibition of HANGAR’T paintings – Rural pop art paintings


The artists are not artists, but residents of Nisson, a small village in the UK. The original project was led by Yves Quentil from Hungary.

The paintings represent the rural heritage of a small community in Britain. Hunger invited staff to bring in old photographs, share their stories, and turn them into POP ART paintings.

Born in 1992, the idea has traveled to Brittany, France, Ireland and New York.

4 – Online access to a short documentary online To help you rediscover the landscape and Lorient’s active life in French and with English subtitles for L’Oreal (provided by the Town Hall of Lorient).

Fest de la Bretagen’s Fest-Nose


Association Breshire , The Brettans of Ireland are happy to offer you their Fest-Nose of Fate de la Bretagen in live streaming.

Bryce Ire wants maximum support from abroad for the cultural work of their beloved native Brittany. Tom-Cruise will broadcast this fest-nose live: Rosen Talek & Yannig Nougat, Jean-Michel Whelan, Nicholas Cumener, singers Mag & Edwiz. All information Here

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