Ireland, at the post office with the deceased to buy a pension

Ireland, at the post office with the deceased to buy a pension

London – At the post office with the deceased to buy (his) pension. The incredible story, according to local media and police reports, took place in County Carlow, 60 kilometers south of Dublin, in Ireland. The body of a 66-year-old man was found and employees of a grocery store with a post office were shocked as two people left to buy a pension.

The absurd episode is reminiscent of the famous movie “Weekend with the Dead”, even though it happened last Friday at 11.30am. When a young man walks into a post office and asks to buy a friend’s pension, that’s Peter Doyle. But the employee points out that it requires the presence of the intended person. So, shortly afterwards, the same man, still unidentified, appears at the door, supporting, with another unknown person, another on either side.

The scene is surreal. As he wroteIrish Times, The supportive man is apparently unable to stand up, and has a sweater and hat covering his face. Then an office worker who was suspicious at the scene approached to ask if he was well, at which point two of his captors fled and left poor Peter Doyle on the floor, disturbing the audience.

According to the first results of the post-mortem, the incredible scene in Carlo’s shop shows that the man died “a short time ago”. This, for now, would dismiss a criminal intent. The poor man may have fallen ill outside or before the post office. But no one expected what happened too soon.

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