Ireland: Another fire destroys Killarney National Park

Ireland: Another fire destroys Killarney National Park

More than 400 hectares of smoke has already risen …

While Northern Ireland is currently facing a devastating fire near Sleeve Donard, another large-scale fire is spreading in Killarney National Park in the Republic of Ireland. More than 400 hectares are said to have been damaged, making it one of the largest natural jewels on the island of Ireland.

The next few hours will be crucial

The fire broke out on Saturday

The source of the fire is still unknown, but it is said to have started around midnight on Saturday. Fueled by strong winds, it took only a few hours for the fire to spread to more than 400 hectares. After that, firefighters worked systematically to control the explosion and prevent it from spreading throughout the park.

Firefighters, national park officials and a military helicopter are trying to put out the blaze. Water from the surrounding lakes is required to put out the fire, and all local means are currently being mobilized to contain the situation.

Currently, the focus is on the southern and western edges of Killarney National Park. Damage is already on the rise, affecting the local habitat, fauna and flora.

The timing is crucial so as not to affect other parts of the area.

Now, the teams have asked the public to avoid the area and not to drive on the N71. Strong smoke and ash make the visibility almost zero.

The fire affected a natural site known around the world. Killarney National Park, Ladies View, Forests, Waterfalls, Fortress (Rose Castle) and even Macros Abbey are some of the tourist attractions every year. Fingers crossed to protect this wild treasure …

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