Ireland and Estonia yield to pressure: yes, European “minimon tax” for companies

Ireland and Estonia yield to pressure: yes, European "minimon tax" for companies

Matteo Corsini

The pressure I was feeling was considerable. In fact, Ireland and Estonia were “convinced” that the global Mimin corporate tax would support 15%. Irish Finance Minister Pascal Donohue “Practical decision“. Is a clear sign of what I have just said.

Danho says the European CommissionHe assured that the proposal would be faithful to the agreement and would not go beyond international consensus. ” Do not come: When a leak opens in a dam, some may believe that it is not destined to grow. Unfortunately, the facts reveal just how illusory this view is.

Think of Janet Yellen’s joy, US Treasury Secretary and Minimum Tax Promoter:

  • The agreement represents an irreversible milestone for economic diplomacy. For the United States and the world, we have transformed the tireless discussions into decades of great prosperity … the success of American families benefiting from the income generated by this agreement. Infrastructure, services for children, clean energy; This is a victory for American companies, who no longer have to compete against them on an international playing field; This is the success of the international business community in creating a more stable and secure environment with less trade and tax disputes; This is the success of the members of Congress who introduced the proposals for international tax reform. It gives the green light to Congress to implement these proposals and I hope they will do it soon. “

I have no doubt that it is a success for taxpayers and tax consumers. However, common sense and common sense make me think that if taxes are increased it will not be a success for everyone, or at least partially, if this tax is not passed on to consumers. Taxation will never be a win-win situation.

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