Ireland and Brittany are getting close again – Brest

Ireland and Brittany are getting close again - Brest

Irish and Breton representatives have been aware of their common challenges and interests and have been visiting each other for months and preparing new collaborations over the years. At Finisterre, Roscoff secures a commercial bridge with Ireland that is not limited to passenger traffic. “But we can do better,” said Glenn Carr, managing director of Rosslare Europort, Ireland’s second port in the south-east of the country. Since Brexit we have grown our freight business by 370% from six routes to 26.”

Already connected to Cherbourg, Dunkirk and Le Havre, the Port of Rosslare is seeking to expand this burst of activity by ensuring greater liquidity. “In 2021 alone, trade flows between Ireland and France are set to increase by 17%”, notes Irish Ambassador to France Niall Burgess. It says the acceleration that would result from the United Kingdom’s exit from Europe! If the Irish retained most of their lines to England, traffic with their neighbors was reduced by 20%.

Brest is targeting more cargo traffic

500 km away, the port of Brest increased its cargo operations with new quays and dredging of the port area to accommodate larger vessels. On the one hand, growing demands in Ireland with the port of Dublin at saturation point, on the other hand, Breton ports are ready to increase their commercial activity. The formula is more than winning. It will strengthen European cooperation and solidarity in these times more than problems.

European solidarity

In the logic of diversification of their commercial exchanges, Brest and Roscoff intend to participate in the dynamics of a European maritime transport corridor.

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Another element of reconciliation, the strong electric cable (Celtic Interconnector), expected to be in service by 2026, will “enhance this historic proximity and contribute to the energy security of both countries, which is essential in the complex times we are going through. Through”, the Irish justice came to express his interest in closer cooperation with Brittany. Underlines Minister James Brown.

Cooperation on ocean energy is welcome

When it comes to renewable marine energy, both countries can pull in the same direction. The port of Brest, in its new Moulin-Blanc polder, has several tens of hectares available for the construction and assembly of standing or floating wind turbines. “Given the emerging needs and the large size of the machines, the implementation of these projects, which consume a lot of space, requires cooperation and closeness among European neighbors”, summarizes the vice president of the region, Stéphane Perrin, in charge of international and European level.

Room for ocean energy

The Irish, who had benefited from British experience with renewable marine energy, recognized Brest’s potential well, although it struggled to take off after the construction of a third wind turbine support at Saint-Brieuc. The Spaniards of Navantia. They may also have noticed that the heavy dock is not yet fully operational after major pre-delivery setbacks.

The first part of the heavy quay in the port of Brest was completely renovated after the breakdown, which led to the overall recovery of work. (The Telegram/Stefan Jesequal)

But the adventure of marine energies has only just begun. Energy and heat strokes.

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