Ireland: Although legal, access to abortion is difficult

Ireland: Although legal, access to abortion is difficult

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Three years after abortion was legalized in Ireland, voluntary termination is still inaccessible and highly restricted, say activists who have launched a campaign against it. Barriers to abortion “Our correspondent in Dublin took part in their march for the right to choose.

Hundreds of them gathered in front of Parliament to demand better access to abortion. Phoebe wore boxing gloves to symbolize the fight against abortion: ” Has a cooling period of three In days. The twelve week limit is very strict. Very few doctors perform abortions and it is very difficult for people from lower socio-economic classes to find a place to go for an abortion. It’s legal but still very complicated.

A young Dubliner who was an activist before his acquittal should never have requested an abortion. But she has. ” The few friends who had abortions, to be honest, are still shocked by the experience. If you have to check several doctor’s offices to find someone. This can be really difficult, especially if you do not want to talk to your parents about it and are willing to handle it yourself.

Helen Stonehouse is co-chair of the Alliance Rights Campaign, an abortion rights association. She criticizes a legal abortion, but it’s still defamatory and inaccessible: ” Our abortion law is not meant to help us ; It is made to control us. We can exercise our rights only after proving that we have waited a long time and suffered enough that our situation is dire enough for an abortion to be necessary. The law is set to be amended this year. Remind your elected officials that we are still here and that we will not relieve pressure before performing a safe, free, legal and local abortion. !

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In 2020, in the midst of an epidemic, 200 Irish women were forced to have abortions abroad due to legal restrictions.

Emma Hendrick supplies the flyers. Request n ° 1: Prohibition on display around practices and medical centers to encourage more health professionals to administer abortion pills: ” We know that many doctors refuse to perform abortions for fear of protesters. Patients are so frightened that their panels depict miscarried fetuses, and they carry small white coffins. People go to these centers for many other reasons, sometimes getting bad news and not wanting to see the coffin when they go out.

Helen Stonehouse also remembers the government’s duty to inform Alliance Rights for Choice: half the patients do not know where to apply for an abortion. ” There is no information campaign for the phone number or the official official website. You may think you need to go to your GP, but since 90% of them do not have an abortion, it is not possible. All of this requires money and effort.

The law legalizing abortion is being reviewed by the end of the year. The government has not yet announced when talks will begin.

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