Ireland also beat Argentina – OA Sport

Ireland also beat Argentina - OA Sport

Eighth consecutive victory, confirmation of the highest level since the All-Black House and Argentina were eliminated in Dublin. Ireland expands the positive streak in the final Test in November and does so through a dominant match, where it takes full advantage of Poomas’ indiscipline.

Argentina presses on the accelerator and a few minutes later South America start the match finding the way to the goal. At 5 ‘, in fact, it was Matteo Carreras who smashed just above the goal line, and Emiliano Bofelli extended from the pitch 0-7.. Ireland responded immediately and forced Argentina to foul At 7, Joey Carberry shrinks from the pitch. The host speeds up and dominates the ground At 11, Josh van der Flyer found the way to the first Irish goal, and Carbury converted 10-7..

Argentina were very foul, struggling to keep the hosts excited and touchdown in the 5m, taking advantage of the sixteenth goal mentioned by the referee, Andrew Porter dunks the goal and Carbury converts the score to 17-7.. Bofelli’s sensational error off the pitch on the 28th. Irish fouls were on the rise and Argentina were forced to return to the Bofelli pitch in the 32nd minute, but once again he could not find the net. Shortly after Puma’s, he had already reached the target in practice, but Matteo Carreras incredibly lost control of the Oval and Ireland were still saved. When it comes to the ball, Ireland are devastating. In the 37th minute, with a series of long and impressive action, endless forwards and offloads, it’s Kylen Doris who goes further in the end., Staring at Carbury points Score 24-7 and you go to rest.

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Argentina’s recovery 8 minutes later was even worse Matteo goes 10 minutes out for a voluntary forward, with Ireland extending from pitch to Carbury at +20.. Ireland argue that Argentina have now resigned to defeat under constant pressure from the hosts. And Josh van der Flyer took the lead in the 57th minute, TMO confirmed, with Ireland running 34-7..

The final blow comes during the game. Ruck owned by Argentina, Thomas Lavani enters the face of an opponent very hard from behind, coming straight to the red card Makes guests feel inferior until the end of the competition. At 67, a new Irish goal comes along with Dan Sheen The line-up ends after another Argentine foul. But it does not end there, because Ireland insists Cian Healy beat them 48-7 in the 73rd minute. After a while too Tadhg Beirne went even further, raising the score to 53-7.

Photo: Etor Griffoni – LPS

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