Ireland, a St. Patrick between Kovid and post-Brexit tensions

Ireland, a St. Patrick between Kovid and post-Brexit tensions

Every year on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, the Chicago River is green: the color of Ireland, the Celtic island that has made expatriates around the world its stronghold. It is estimated that 70 million people have at least one Irish ancestor. Most countries export oil, iron, steel, gold and some agricultural products. Ireland exports only one thing: its people, ”said Irish-born US President John F. Kennedy during a visit to Ireland in the 1960s. Many decades later, there is another Irish-blooded president, Joe Biden, in the White House, but 2021 is not the land of old-fashioned immigration to Ireland.

The effects of Brexit on Ireland

The protracted Brexit dispute served as a natural “bridge” between the United Kingdom and the European Union, acting as a strategic mediator but not protected from it. Tensions. The recent decision by the British government to call Northern Ireland the “Grace Period” has led the head of the Republic of Ireland’s diplomatic mission, Simon Cowney, to say that “some cannot be trusted. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The London move, as defined by US Senator Richard Neal, was “uncontrollable and capricious.” The protection of the Good Friday Peace Accords is very close to the heart of the Biden administration, not surprisingly on St. Patrick’s Day, the subject of a planned conversation with Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin.

Good Friday peace treaties must be protected

In Northern Ireland Brexit The Unionists felt betrayed and close to isolated Ireland that the Catholic / Republican minority, in line with democratic changes, was such a minority. In the Irish Sea, the border that was created within the United Kingdom and on the island of Ireland was a non-existent and non-existent border, as a punishment for expelling old bloody ghosts, however, at the foot groups of the War Paramilitary Union.

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The economy will grow by 2020 despite the Kovid pandemic

Against this backdrop of weak stability, it remains to be seen how the pandemic will affect an economy in the long run – after all, a monetary policy has facilitated development over the years. Tech Company Like Google, Facebook, Apple and others in their area – it’s leaping ahead of Kovid’s arrival. It must be remembered accordingly Economic forecasts During the last winter of the European Commission, Ireland was the only EU country to close 2020 with increasing GDP (+ 3%). In the last three years, it has always been above 5%

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