Ireland: A plane turns to change co-pilot

Ireland: A plane turns to change co-pilot

A Virgin Atlantic flight had to return because its co-pilot had not completed training while flying over Ireland.

A “Assignment Error”

This Stage Occurred on Monday, May 2ndPlane The Virgin flew to the AtlanticIreland. The plane was flying from London Heathrow to New York-JFK and was forced to turn around in a tragedy within forty minutes. For good reason: Co-pilot training had not been completed, reports The Dispatch. According to the airline, this is a “Assignment Error”.

“Final Evaluation Flight” Not done

The co-pilot had the qualities needed to sit in the cockpit, according to Virgin Atlantic. On the other hand, he did not make it “Final Evaluation Flight”, Which is one of the airline’s internal requirements. Also, the captain, though experienced, “Virgin Atlantic was unfit to fly with a co-pilot who had not fully completed training”.

Passengers had to wait while waiting to find a suitable replacement. L ‘Plane Arrived in New York about three hours late.

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