Ireland: A journey to discover amazing whiskey

‘S Tours Distillery, of course, Not just in Dublin, but across the island of IrelandOften an exclusive experience, Thank you for the deep connection the country has always had Whiskey From pubs to restaurants, from bars to discos.

From the countryside to the glass – Irish whiskey has experienced a real renaissance over the past decade, and now in every corner of the country – from the most beautiful, rural to the most beautiful cities – there are countless opportunities to discover the whole production process of the drink, from field to glass. Irish Whiskey 360This is a map of 17 major distilleries offering tours and tastes and revealing the backstory of their distillation processes.

From Dublin on the island – These five distilleries are in Dublin, Tealing, Pierce Lyons, Dublin Liberties, Ro & Co e Jameson, The best-selling Irish whiskey in the world. Further north Slane Distillery, County Meath, Lonely Planet on the list of the world’s most distilleries Bushmills Distillery, Triple distillation has been going on for over 400 years. More west Dingle Distillery e la Conach Whiskey Distillery, South Royal Oak Famous in the Carlo and more inland, the Midlands Thullamore DEW Each mix hides a story as unique as its flavor, which makes each tour an enjoyable experience.

Karaka is Shala Distilleries – The Balikef Distillery, A distillery, is also a small farm near the medieval town Kilkenny, Is a recent addition to Ireland’s growing list of distillery distilleries, whose philosophy is based on a 360 commitment to protecting the environment. The tour of this highly regarded facility is a journey into the history of Irish whiskey and each stage of the Balikef distillation process, using agro-growing barley and water from a deep underground aquifer.

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EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCES – The experience includes a guided walking tour led by a family member Baring Indoors and throughout the Castle Estate. Following, guests are invited to discover the unique flavor Lambe Irish Whiskey Guests will hear a three-part master class on whiskey tasting in the beautiful atmosphere of the island’s Botti Clubhouse, and the story of how the art of distilling Lambe whiskey was born and developed before visiting the Bonded Warehouses, also known as the Sea Cask Room, a beautiful home in the midst of the typical nature of the area. On the premises Clubhouses Private dinners and overnight stays can also be arranged.

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