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Ireland: 8-year-old Ukrainian refugee stabbed dozens of times

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The girl was found unconscious with her mother at a home near Clarecastle, Ireland. Her vital organs were not affected, but she remains in critical condition. At this moment, the circumstances of this attack remain a mystery.

She is fighting for her life

Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, many people (especially women and children) have left the country to seek refuge in a safer place in Europe. Inn IrelandDisplaced Ukrainians were accommodated in a property located in County Clare (west).

The 8-year-old girl was found seriously injured on Tuesday morning, September 27. The magazine reports that she was lying next to her mother, 46, who was unconscious near. Both were taken to the hospital by paramedics.

will be investigated “long”

According to media reports, the girl would have received 75 stitches. Although his vital organs were not affected, the boy is still in critical condition. The mother is still in the hospital, as is the little boy. She had to undergo a toxicological analysis to determine the cause of her condition.

The people in the house heard the screams and informed the emergency department and the authorities. For now, the circumstancesInvade Not sure, but the investigation is ongoing. Investigations will be “long, especially as it involves a minor”A spokesman for the National Police Force saidIreland. Residents of the home will be interviewed.

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