Iraq.. 133 people were injured in the protest related to the parliament session

Iraq.. 133 people were injured in the protest related to the parliament session

Iraq’s security media cell said 133 people, including 11 civilians and four officers, were injured in a protest in Baghdad today in connection with a parliamentary session.

“We ask everyone to follow the instructions issued by the competent security services, because these wounds were inflicted on the bodies of Iraqis, people of the same country,” Cell said in a statement.

Iraq’s parliament today voted to renew its confidence in its president, Muhammad al-Halbouzi, with the approval of 222 deputies, while only 13 deputies voted to resign.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives held a session led by Second Deputy Speaker Shaqwan Abdullah to vote on the resignation of the Speaker of Parliament and elect the first Deputy.

During this session, the Green Zone witnessed a missile attack targeting the Parliament premises.

For their part, demonstrators used bulldozers to raise barricades in front of the Green Zone in central Baghdad, and Iraqi security succeeded in preventing demonstrators from storming the first barricade at Al-Jumhuriya Bridge in the capital.

Clashes broke out between Iraqi security forces and supporters of the Sadrist movement after riot police tried to keep supporters of the Sadrist movement away from the Jumhuriya Bridge in Baghdad.

In a related development, the Federal Supreme Court today, Wednesday, dismissed the appeal filed by the representatives of the Sadrist Bloc, declaring it invalid.

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A reporter for the Iraqi News Agency (INA) said, “The Court of Appeal rejected the submission that the resignation of the representatives of the Sadrist Bloc was invalid due to the public interest of the complainants.”

The President of the Federal Supreme Court, Jassim Mohammed Aboud, explained in an exclusive interview on Tuesday, “Many cases have been filed regarding the resignation of representatives of the Sadrist Bloc, some of which have been rejected due to the incorrect manner of their institution. , while other lawsuits are still being filed, which will be considered at that time.”

“The case filed to question the resignation of the representatives of the Sadrist Bloc was not filed by interested parties (the Sadrist movement), but by parties who had no legal connection to the matter,” he stressed, adding, “Each lawsuit has its own connection. Its own circumstances, but the interest of the Iraqi people is above all.”

Earlier, Iraqi demonstrators flocked to the gates of Baghdad’s Green Zone on Wednesday. Meanwhile, reports indicated that Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr’s supporters have again attacked the Green Zone, which includes the Iraqi capital’s government headquarters.

Sadr’s supporters were seen waving flags as they gathered around security forces.

Al-Sadr’s bloc won the majority of votes in parliamentary elections last October, but was unable to form a majority government.

Sadr’s supporters stormed parliament in late July to prevent opponents from Iran-backed Shiite parties from forming a government.

The ensuing rallies, clashes with security forces, counter-attacks and a sit-in outside Parliament managed to disrupt the government formation process.

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Al-Sadr, who is calling for the dissolution of parliament and early elections, has been in a power struggle with his Iran-backed rivals since the election.

Iraqi media reported on Wednesday that there was a heavy security presence across the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, with roads leading to the Green Zone closed. The move came hours before the start of the session of the Iraqi parliament I witnessed a vote on the resignation of the head of Halbusi Council.

A copy of the session’s agenda includes two orphan items, including the first Voting on the resignation of Parliament SpeakerThe second is the election of the first deputy to head the council, while observers expect a majority of deputies not to vote to accept the resignation.

Al-Halbouzi said after the resignation announcement that the new parliamentarians had the right to choose a new speaker, stressing that he had not discussed his decision to resign with anyone.

He added The decision to resign as Speaker of Parliament has nothing to do with the Triple Alliance.

The circumstances and circumstances of that resignation are not yet known, although al-Halbouzi, considered one of Sadrist leader al-Sadr’s most prominent allies, had weeks earlier resisted his call for the rest of parliament to resign. , to dissolve Parliament.

The statement called for demonstrators to gather in Tahrir Square on October 1 to mark the fourth anniversary of the uprising, coinciding with the start of October demonstrations in Iraq.

The statement warned against being drawn into calls to invade the Green Zone and stressed the need to maintain peace.

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For his part, one of the leaders of the Tishreen movement, Ahmed Al-Washa, called on the demonstrators to adhere to peaceful demonstrations that represent the movement’s identity and under no circumstances be drawn to calls for rioting in the Green Zone.

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