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iPhone自動填入Email/地址技巧,用iOS 鍵盤替代文字輕鬆實現

Every time you want to register as a member or go shopping, you spend most of your time entering your email address, address or ID number information. In fact, typing on the iPhone is quite difficult. Is there a faster way? This article will share the iPhone’s AutoFill functionality, which uses the iOS keyboard to quickly and automatically enter information such as addresses or email and ID card numbers, so you don’t have to slowly type one word at a time. .

Teaching the iOS keyboard text replacement function

If you want to recognize the automatic filling function of iPhone, you can use “iOS built-in input method”.Alt text” can be achieved, share the iPhone keyboard alternative text setting teaching below:

Step 1. Launch iOS”arrangement“,select”In generalClick on “,Keyboard”.

Teaching the iOS keyboard text replacement function

Step 2. From the keyboard, select “SelectAlt text“, click on the top right corner”+” button added.

Teaching the iOS Keyboard Text Replacement Function 1

iPhone auto-fill address setting capabilities

If you want the iPhone to automatically fill in the address quickly, you can add iOS “Alt text“, from”the word“Give it your all”address“, and “Input code“automatically filled”shortcuts“, don’t forget to press on the top right corner”store”.

  • Duration: Show full details
  • Input code: Shortcut command

For example, I want to enter the area code via iPhone “407“, which enables the iOS keyboard to appear automatically”Full address” information, as long as you set it up through the following method.

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iPhone auto-fill address setting capabilities

iPhone Autofill Email Settings Tips

It’s the same way to make the iPhone automatically send email quickly, “the word“Fill in your own email, and”Input code“Enter Custom”shortcuts”.

iPhone Autofill Email Settings Tips

iPhone Auto-Fill ID Card Setting Tips

The same applies to the iOS keyboard for auto-filling the ID card, “the word“, enter your ID number,”Input code“To customize the shortcut command, you can click “store”.

iPhone Auto-Fill ID Card Setting Tips

How to Autofill Letterbox with iPhone Alt Text?

Set up iOS from above”Alt text“, then you can type “customize” directly on the webpage or in any text input box.Input code“, as “Eem” is now set, iPhone’s built-in input method will immediately display “Just Set”Email”, and it automatically loads as soon as you click on it, is that fast enough?

How to Autofill Letterboxes with Non-iPhone Text

How to autofill addresses using iPhone?

As will be permitted iPhone Quick AutoFill AddressIt’s the same method, fill the address you just set in the input box”shortcuts”, you can understand the function of quickly filling the address on iPhone, so you don’t need to spend time on entering the address.

Of course, some online shopping counties and urban areas may use the click method, as long as you enter the last address information, you can also use the iOS keyboard”Alt text“Just more custom”Section building” short address information, which can be automatically filled immediately.

How to autofill addresses with iPhone

How to autofill ID card using iPhone?

As with the previous method, if you are reluctant to use the iPhone to enter the ID number, you can also set the iOS keyboard directly “Alt text“, enter custom”shortcuts”, you can click to fill the ID number immediately.

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How to autofill ID cards using iPhone

Function summary

Read this articleiOS Keyboard Text Alternatives” Skills, you can makeHow to quickly and automatically fill email/address/id card information on iPhone, you don’t need to spend again and again to earn money every time, this is a very practical hidden skill, I recommend everyone to set it up quickly! By the way, you can share the article with your friends or family members to solve their complaints that the keyboard is too small and it is difficult to fill in the information of registered members.

More practical tips:

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