iPhone 15 will be like Android

iPhone 15 will be like Android

Apple will replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max with the iPhone 15 Ultra next year, according to noted analyst and Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman.

Finally, instead of the proprietary Lightning connector, a USB-C connector will be installed.

The USB-C connector is expected to improve charging and data transfer speeds, while other iPhone 15 models are expected to continue using the outdated Lightning connector.

I wonder how Apple will overcome this moment since the EU has approved a common charging standard for all devices from 2024 and the Apple company cannot ignore the new rules.

Over the years, the names of Apple’s smartphones, the iPhone, have not changed often.

Previously, when major changes were made every two years, intermediate models were designated “S”, and after the release of the iPhone 6, enlarged versions were introduced with the suffix “Plus”.

In 2019, Apple diversified its line of smartphones, introducing basic models and expensive Pro and Pro Max models.

Now, with the prefix “Ultra,” the company wants to put more emphasis on the “premium” nature of its high-end iPhone range, as Android manufacturers usually do.

iPhone 15: What else is known?

Another analyst, Ross Young, recently said that the new interactive notch that appeared on the iPhone 14 Pro will be used on all iPhone 15 models.

Although the main “feature” is borrowed from the Advanced Pro and Pro Max 14, the base models of the iPhone 15 will again not have 120 Hz screens.

For this reason, the new Always-On Display feature will continue to be used only on Pro models.

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Also, even before the announcement of the iPhone 14, informants wrote that the iPhone 15 will get a periscope camera.

But it’s likely to be a feature on high-end iPhones as well.

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