iPhone 14 that saved the lives of two people who fell in the valley?| Dinamalar

iPhone 14 that saved the lives of two people who fell in the valley?|  Dinamalar

Can you believe that the iPhone-14 smartphone model released by Apple has saved people who are fighting for their lives.. Yes, you have to believe. Two people trapped in a canyon in the US have been rescued safely.

Apple, the leading mobile phone manufacturer, launched the iPhone 14 model last September. Various special facilities are included in it. One of them is SOS facility. With this you can get remote assistance even in the absence of mobile network and Wi-Fi.

In this situation, when two people were traveling in a car in the Angel forest area of ‚Äč‚ÄčCalifornia state, they lost control and fell into a 300 feet deep ravine. Both got stuck in the valley with the car and fought for their lives. One of the two people used the SOS (SOS) feature on his iPhone-14 smartphone model and immediately informed the emergency help center.

On getting the information, the rescue workers rescued two people who were stuck in a 300 feet valley and were fighting for their lives using a helicopter.

How this SOS facility works in our smartphone, when the SOS button is pressed in a place where there is no network or Wi-Fi connection, the information is sent directly to the emergency center via satellite. This will get you immediate help.

Not only the iPhone but the Apple Watch has saved many lives. It is noteworthy that the SOS feature of Apple Watch saved the 42-year-old woman who was tried to be killed by her husband.

Watch video: https://twitter.com/MontroseSAR/status/1602828980121325568

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