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Every year on December 25th, everything is getting ready to adopt as a Christian family, a Christian tradition that commemorates the birth of baby Jesus. As usual, on these dates people usually buy to decorate the house with lamps, trees, ornaments, etc. But do you want to experience the Christmas spirit on your mobile phone? Or Apple iOS? Here we will teach you a trick to get rid of snow on your device.

Christmas is less than two weeks away, either on Google Play or the Apple App Store, on your app. ‘Snow begins to fall’ as Christmas night rolls on. This is very easy to achieve, and you can personalize the app with different backgrounds, we will show you below how to decorate a tree and add music and other fun activities.

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How to make it on your Android or Apple mobile Snowfall

  • Look in the shops IOS Y Android The following app: ‘Countdown to Christmas’, with its Christmas hat and the number 25 below some gift boxes.
  • Now, open the app and grant it the required permissions so that it can work.
  • After opening it, it will show the background of a landscape with reindeer and at the same time an animation of ‘snow falling’.
  • A box containing weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds will appear until Christmas arrives. By pressing it you can modify it in just seconds or nights.
  • By tapping on the three horizontal stripes located in the top left corner, various configuration options will be displayed.
  • If you enter ‘Personalization’, you can change the background, add a Santa Claus to the countdown box, and the countdown date is December 24 or 25.
  • Go back to ‘Settings’ and now tap on ‘Music’, activate the ‘Play Music’ section and select the one you like best.
  • In the ‘My Coming Calendar’ section, you can open a gift every day, which is about Christmas photos in HD that you can use as wallpaper.
  • Finally, in the ‘My Christmas Tree’ tab, you can decorate your own virtual tree with balls and stars.
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Ready, it will be all the functionality of the application Countdown to Christmas. Two things are important to clarify; First, it does not have ads that annoy you every moment; Second, there is also a premium version for 10.99 sols (US $ 2.71), as it offers widgets on the home screen, one of the most useful for listening to music, and more options such as snowy backgrounds and days. They will not be seen till December 25 without opening the app.

It gives you exclusive themes, bonus music like the classic ‘Jingle Bells’ and more decorations for the Christmas tree. These dates are definitely a good option, so you can experience the Christmas spirit not only at home or on the street, but also on your mobile device.

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