IOS 15 and Harmios 2.0 compare fast and smooth

IOS 15 and Harmios 2.0 compare fast and smooth

Atnar Tech Tech Channel has released a video comparing the speed and smoothness of smartphones running iOS 15 and Harmony OS 2.0.

The new operating system has already been launched in China and will soon be available to users around the world. At the same time, we can evaluate this in similar videos.

Comparing iOS 15 and Herms 2.0 is based on app opening speed, navigation through running apps, and configuration menus. Operating systems show almost the same speed and smoothness in all situations. The context menu in iOS 15 will appear shortly after Harmony OS 2, only when you press and hold the app icon, but this is not due to some operating system breaks. It’s just that iOS 15 has another hold time to request a menu.

Over the weekend, Huawei Said in detail About what the name and logo of the Harmonios operating system called Hongmengos in China means.

Huawei plans to install Harmony OS on more than 300 million devices this year, and the Chinese tech giant plans to reach one billion devices next year.

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