Inventor of “Wi-Fi”: I graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University with a degree in Communications.

مخترع "الواى فاى": تخرجت من كلية الهندسة جامعة القاهرة قسم الاتصالات

The Egyptian scientist Dr. Hatim Sagol, founder of “Wi-Fi” and a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Department of Communications, confirmed: The world and the telecom company asked me to do so, so I came to study current technologies with a colleague, Leah, the third generation. ”

The Egyptian scientist who invented “Wi-Fi” advised during a telephone call to the “Ninth” program on Egyptian television’s first channel: “Give up despair and innocent words in despair, because science and study make a lot of difference, and the student wants to do what he or she wants to do.” He will excel at it and try to spend the money first because the money will come after you after your success.

He said of his education in Egypt: “I received the best education in the world, and then he went to Canada to pursue a master’s degree in physics.

He pointed out that current studies are focused on how to present communication in countries where communication has not yet been received. World, this has definitely reduced telecom prices around the world.

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