“Intriguing” discovery of persistence on Mars

"Intriguing" discovery of persistence on Mars

from Got the Rover Perseverance Some of the images NASA is looking for are a “Interesting” bottom line On Mars. According to the data received by the flight sent by NASA, the final goal is to exchange samples of the red planet between the ESA (European Space Agency) and the North American agency, and it is specified that an area is being explored, Denominada “Yori Pass”Near Jezero crater on Mars.

In the words of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)Got “excited” about Exploration of the area Months after seeing a rock similar to a persistence collected in July. It is unique and has attracted the most attention Scientists say it is sandstoneComposed of imported fine grains Water before finishing.

These samples are of great importance to begin with Sample return campaign. “We often prioritize the study of rocks Fine-grained sedimentary rocks like these in our search for organic, potential biosignatures,” said Associate Scientist Katie Stack Morgan Perseverance Project.

A remarkable coincidence

Another condition that has raised the curiosity of the scientific community the most is the region in which it is located. “Something particularly interesting about the Yori Pass outcrop This is equivalent to the “Hogwallow Flats” where we find very fine-grained sedimentary rocks. It means that the plaque is located in the same place Taller than a hogwall.”

One of the goals of Rover Perseverance The goal is to find some kind of biological sample in the Jezero crater (element, molecule, substance…). They have been able to collect 14 more samples Atmospheric samples and three control tubeswhich are stored in the rover.

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Once the Yori Pass sample is collected, Persistence will travel around 230 meters southeast. The limit is found in a wave steep sand, A dune is located in the field and is called “Observation Mountain”. During this time, the rover will collect LFirst samples of regolith.

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