Interview with Carlo Umberto Salvichi

Interview with Carlo Umberto Salvichi

“It’s been a year since that positive swab. I’ve been in a sub – intensive hospital, I’re wearing a helmet for five days. I lost 10 pounds. After all, I was afraid I was going to die. If given, I think I would not have experienced all this suffering. Carlo Umberto Salvichi, 61-year-old Valdichiana’s referee, Confocomercio Arezzo, speaks with an open heart for the first time in 365 days after being diagnosed with the disease. Through a post on Facebook, he decided to advertise the Odyssey starting November 3, 2020.

Posted on Facebook

“A year ago – Wrote yesterday – I was just starting Kovid’s experiment. A few days later I found myself with the infamous helmet. I owe my salvation to a set of factors that are out of order. I will never forget the treatment of the infectious disease department in San Donato de Arezzo, from Head Physician Danilo Taconi to all the staff. My commitment to wanting to get out of it at any cost, with a constant thought of my loved ones who have never given up on me with their whole body. It was pure gasoline for my partner’s determination and those visits from the window. I came out of it very differently. I think it would not have been so difficult if I had been vaccinated then. I appreciate people taking more vaccinations. I do not hate others, I do not share them, I do not care for different reasons. More than ever, I need to interact with calm, non-judgmental people.

Memories of those days

A nightmare, but a happy ending. Not everyone who contracted the disease at the time – yet without mass vaccinations – was lucky enough to write at his (60) age. “The doctors told me – he says – that the fact that I practiced regular physical activity in the gym and never smoked in my life helped me. Fortunately, today I can say that I have no physical side effects. Opportunity. Special analyzes and tests. This is a great service. Then he rewinds a long, frightening tape of danger. Eight days after the positive swab. In the early days of the illness I had only a slight fever and some pain, but no respiratory problems. Kovid is a treasonous disease. : Then the situation worsened. “The situation in the hospital changed abruptly.” I was in contagious for a few days – he adds – and then transferred to the sub-intensive with a helmet. Fortunately, I found an atmosphere that was unusual for all staff, from Head Physician Taconi. Yet it was a very complicated period: as San Donato was full, people were being sent to Notola and Grosseto, I remember the arrival and departure of ambulances, I heard them coming, I wore a helmet for 24 hours and 5 days, I was scared. I found humanity and incredible professionalism. Today the nightmare is over, and Salvichi’s life is not the same as before. “I think I would not have experienced all of this with the vaccine, I may have had mild symptoms. What can I say about the vaccine? If we were in this situation today, in addition to the lockdown, the vaccine would also be green. I think it makes a lot less sense, the higher my level of understanding, the calmer I am. ”

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