Interview / Rugby – Mayw competes with Ireland for the first time: Woman Sports’s “I never thought this would happen one day”

Interview / Rugby - Mayw competes with Ireland for the first time: Woman Sports's "I never thought this would happen one day"

At the age of 21, Maywe Og O’Leary respects family tradition. Her grandfather and then her father and finally her brother, a professional rugby player who plays rune, are the Irish young woman who jumps. This November 12, 2021, May played her first minutes in the colors of the Irish Women’s XV. Meet. Written by Vanessa Maurel and Ruben Diaz. Excerpt from Woman Sports N ° 23.

Women’s sports: You honored your first choice with Ireland, how do you feel?

MAEVE: It was an incredible feeling and an opportunity to capture. I guess it’s something I always dreamed of, but I never thought it would happen. I have been seeing this team for years and appreciate them so much … I am so proud to be a part of this group.

Tell us about it first!

Everyone was so excited to see each other again and play together, especially at the RDS Arena. Before the match, I was focused, but I allowed myself to benefit from the experiences happening around me. When I got to the field, I focused on what we needed to do. Then it was the ultimate culmination, the feeling of waving to the crowd on the field, and of course they were so proud when they saw my family, it was an incredible feeling. I did not stress myself out, I trusted the systems we had, and I knew the girls around me were behind me.

How did you find the atmosphere in the stadium?

The atmosphere was amazing. We played at RDS Arena for the first time, the biggest stadium ever. The spectators were great and we could hear the voices of the fans throughout the game. You know what they say, there are no better fans in the world than the Irish! As I ran to the pitch, I could hear the roar of my family and friends behind me.

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How did you feel when you reached the pitch?

It was a special feeling, I thought: “I’m wearing a hat for my country”, it’s crazy. But I knew I had a lot of work to do, so I focused on rugby and wanted to help my team get the job done.

Your family was there, did that excite you?

Absolutely. My family has been my greatest support throughout my life. It was a day they were so excited and proud of. They only want the best for me. One of my brothers deliberately flew in from France and another brother of mine in Australia took a vacation to see me!

Is Ireland Rugby Really Special?

of course ! Has played rugby for decades. It is a sport of respect, inclusion and entertainment. It provides an opportunity for both boys and girls across Ireland to be part of a rugby team and family. It brings people together and makes us a united nation. I feel lucky to have been able to play rugby in Ireland and be part of this large family.

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