Interstellar meteorite collides with Earth

Interstellar meteorite collides with Earth

A meteorite Formed outside our solar system The U.S. Space Command document states that it landed in 2014 off the northeast coast of Papua New Guinea.

Amir Siraj In 2019, while studying at Harvard University, he identified the rock as interstellar. Abraham LoebProfessor in the same House of Studies.

high speed

The meteorite was named “Oomuvamuwa”. It caught the Emir’s attention because he saw it coming so fast. His first calculations showed that he was moving at a speed of 45 kilometers per second compared to the Earth moving around at a speed of 30 kilometers per second. soleBut after another calculation, he found that the meteorite was actually traveling at 60 kilometers per second.

In addition, astronomer Siraj discovered the path of the meteorite, It was then that he discovered that it came from an infinite orbitCompared to the closed orbits of other meteorites.

This discovery led to the conclusion that the meteorite came from outside the Solar System instead of orbiting the Sun like the others.

“It was probably produced by another star, which was ejected from that star’s planetary system and accidentally went into our solar system and collided with Earth,” Siraj said.

John Shaw, deputy commander of the United States Space Command, confirmed the “Umwamuwa”. The first interstellar meteorite to enter the Solar System And hit the ground.


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