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Internet: Internet and Mass Media:

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be one of the most important technologies of the future that will become a major driver of the development of the Russian economy. About this within the framework of the project Cyber ​​reality Oleg Novikov, head of IoT development at ATB Electronics, told He predicted that this would happen much sooner than many expected.

“The future has already arrived, and in our daily busy lives, for example, we do not notice that each of us has a smartphone in our pocket, thanks to the computing power that can control a spacecraft,” he warned. Novikov. “If we talk about the possibilities of developing the Internet of Things in Russia for the next ten years, smart cities with smart houses, smart public transport and, of course, smart people will be immediately imagined.”

One of the consequences of the development of the Internet of Things, the expert called the fact that machines can communicate with each other without the participation of people. Today, in Novikov’s opinion, intelligence can be given to any place and any system – for example, creating large smart houses and warehouses or small appliances such as smart electricity meters.

“We live in the 21st century, and what seemed amazing 20 years ago is now finding its application in every person’s daily life. In their sci-fi novels, Isaac Asimov and the Strugatsky brothers describe the future world we already live in here and now. Today we give machines intelligence, thereby opening the door to any bold ideas aimed at simplifying human life, ”the experts added.

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At the same time, in Russia, according to Novikov, there are practically no restrictions on the use and development of the Internet of Things. Modular approaches enable developers to respond in a timely manner to new challenges, in which large IT systems are built from specific components. Novikov also called the professional standards of domestic specialists very high.

Previously, the state corporation’s “Rostech” holding “Rose Electronics” Stated Tracker plans to launch bracelets for remote monitoring of people. The device is based on the Lorraine Internet of Things technology. The tracker can run for up to 160 hours without recharging. The gadget will have a pulse oximeter, SOS button and a hand-held sensor.

The Internet of Things is an idea that uses smart objects equipped with technologies that can interact with each other and perform certain functions without human intervention. An example of using the Internet of Things is a smart home, a room with automated lighting, heating, air conditioning, security and video surveillance systems. Smart home appliances can be integrated into the system – for example, refrigerators, which can track the availability of products, order on the Internet if necessary and monitor their own health.

The cyber reality project is dedicated to how high technology is changing the lives of Russians and human beings in general. He talks about the events that seemed miraculous a few years ago and how it is safe now, helping in everyday life, saving lives, expanding horizons for the disabled and caring for the elderly.

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