International Space Station: Unexpected evolution in space center!

International Space Station: Unexpected evolution in space center!

Internet Desk: An unexpected change has taken place at the International Space Station (ISS). New module sent by Russia .. Within hours of being connected to the center, its thrusters accidentally burned out. As a result, the RSS lost control. However, the ‘Ground Control System’ team, which constantly monitors the movements of the RSS from the ground, brought the situation under control within seconds. The US space agency, NASA, has stated that there is no danger to astronauts currently on the RSS.

Celebrating the first ..

Last week, Russia shipped a new 23-tonne Naka module from Bikaner, Kazakhstan. It was linked to the RSS on Thursday. Following the failure of the ‘self-connection system’, the Russian astronaut Oleg Novitsky of the RSS voluntarily completed the Naka connection process. Russia’s control team on Earth celebrated.

Meanwhile ..

But, about two hours later, the thrusters on me accidentally lit up. As a result, the space center lost control. The rotation of the RSS changed by half a degree per second. Thus the RSS should be bent 45 degrees. Russia and the U.S. underground control systems, which are already on high alert, have taken control of the situation. Another Russian module, Sweden, ignited thrusters in progress. Within an hour the RSS was back to normal. NASA sources said that if the rotation had continued for another 12 minutes, the RSS would have gone in the exact opposite direction.

What happens if I lose direction?

ISIS is a definite step, otherwise there is a lot of risk involved. As the RSS changes direction, its solar panels are constantly exposed to the sun. If the rays do not fall on the solar panels, the fuel system at the space station will fail. This can disrupt the performance of some central systems. In addition, the temperature in the center is likely to change abnormally. If this happens, the health of the astronauts will be endangered. From there, the controller disconnects from the control system. Communication from the astronauts to the ground control system was suspended for a few minutes on Thursday.

But NASA said no damage had been done to the astronauts or to the center, which is currently on the RSS. It says more review is needed. The Russian Space Agency has announced that it will review the conditions that led to this unexpected development.

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