International schools attracting wealthy Chinese families arrive in Japan

International schools attracting wealthy Chinese families arrive in Japan

Leading educational institutions in the UK have discovered a new investment area: Japan. In total, more than 3,000 new locations will be offered at international schools in Japan, including British Rugby School, Malone College and Harrow.

This innovation has been able to attract hundreds of families across Asia, in particular Wealthy families in China. In fact, there is already a huge movement for the reception of Chinese children and teenagers who find growth opportunities in these schools.

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A new beginning in Japan

There are several factors that motivate these Chinese families to make this decision Send their children to study in Japan. Initially, China was a very closed country in terms of international education, making it impossible for these schools to establish units in the country. On the other hand, Japan adopts a policy of internationalization of teaching, especially in basic education.

Also, the “Kovid Zero” policy China It turned out to be a beautiful population control system. In this case, there are still a number of border restrictions, as well as extreme social isolation that prevent the population from progressing. However, the number of Kovid-19 cases in China is still alarming, while the number of deaths in Japan is very low.

Benefits of International Schools

As we have already mentioned, these schools are very successful because of their history of quality education. After all, they are unforgettable institutions that have already formed excellent personalities in Western countries, especially in the United Kingdom. So rich families in Asia see this as a unique opportunity to invest in their children’s careers and intelligence.

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In addition, schools attract great opportunities for personal development through extracurricular activities. For example, sports such as skiing and golf are huge attractions in the catalogs of international schools. Not to mention the guarantee of access to qualified teachers, as well as program content aimed at enhanced learning. But of course it is expensive, the monthly fee is about 65,250 US dollars, or about three hundred and forty thousand riyals a month.

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