International Day of Rural Women: Women Farmers in Europe

International Day of Rural Women: Women Farmers in Europe

International Day of Rural Women is an opportunity to provide some answers. By 2021, a third of farms in the EU will be owned by women, according to the commission. Figures vary greatly depending on the country. It should be remembered that in France, 25% of agricultural enterprises are managed by farmers or co-farmers and 62% of female farmers are heads of farms, co-farmers or partners.

The Commission invites Member States to include measures in favor of women farmers in their strategic plans. (©AdobeStock)

Et If we take advantage of International Rural Women’s Day Something to share Statistics of female farmers in the European Union ?

They manage one-third of the farms

This is what the commission is showing in 2021. However, the differences from one Member State to another are large, as this figure reaches around 45% in Lithuania and Latvia. (In Eastern countries, farms are often run by women)Only 8 and 5% in Denmark and the Netherlands.

Strong inequality between countries.

Role of Operations Managers by Member State (Figs 2016):

Percentage of female farmers by country of the European Union In Eastern European countries, women farmers are often at the helm. (© Eurostat)

Check Previous Years Articles:

They represent 30% of the workforce

In the agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors, women make up 30% of the total workforce, again with very significant differences between countries: 40% in Austria, for example 15% in Ireland. Despite significant progress, Employment rate of rural women in the European Union remain inferior to their male counterparts. Just like them Agricultural incomeIn all member states.

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Only 4.2% are under the age of 35

or, Only 4.2% of farm managers are under the age of 35 And 42% are over 65 years of age (29.2% for farmers), indicating that the percentage of female farmers will decrease in the coming years.

In comparison, in France: 32 percent of farm workers and one quarter of farmers are women. 25% of agribusinesses are run by women, and the proportion of creations rises to 40%. 62% of women farmers are farm managers, co-farmers or partners.

Support strengthened in CAP 2023-2027

So Brussels decidedGive more support to the establishment of women in agriculture in the EU, through rural development funds. The Commission also recalls that “equality between men and women in all sectors of the economy is a fundamental principle of the European Union”. So, it’s one of the priorities that sets itself Pac 2023-2027 programmingis promoting “the Participation of women in socio-economic development of rural areasParticular attention is paid to the world of agriculture.

It’s the subject of a “specific goal, number 8,” she suggests European Commission CAP website. A first in the history of Common Agricultural Policy. » Under certain conditions, each Member State shall create a List of “Status of Women in Agricultural and Rural Areas”.with the aim of combining Actions in their strategic plans.

For example:

  • develop infrastructure and services;
  • promote job creation for women;
  • Facilitate their access to land (European female producers farm on average less than 6 hectares, half the area exploited by a single producer) means of production and borrowing;
  • Strengthen their decision-making power.
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Nabila Gaine-Nacci, Equality/Equality Referee at the Chamber of Agriculture in Brittany, even proposes the establishment of an institution to remove these specific barriers experienced by female farmers. Different installation help.

The principle of “Social system“The new CAP, which provides financial penalties to farmers who do not comply with the legislation,Improve the working conditions of agricultural workers.

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