International alert for Kovid and Delta variants. Cases are on the rise in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Russia.

July 10, 2021 – 11:10 p.m.

Infectious diseases, especially those of the young, are more likely to develop infectious diseases that are socialized without a mask or distance.

Of Adriana Logrosino, Stefano Montefiori, Elizabeth Rosaspina, Marta Seraphini

That was the biggest fear: that With the resumption of tourism, the requested, desired, expected, contagious activity will return. This is confirmed by the fact that some European countries were photographed and the Ministry of Health issued a circular report launching the International Delta Variant Alert. Kovid resumed its run, moderately, almost everywhere. In some countries, the peaks are highlighted in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Finland, which is not only a major epidemic of the Delta variant, but also promotes tourists, fans, and evenings at clubs, mainly focused on young people at concerts and supercasts. In short, to sociality, lived without masks or distance. In fact, boys are the first to get infected. Inevitably, the virus starts in their family members and reaches other age groups. Circular The signing of the alert by the Director General of the Ministry’s Prevention Department, Giovanni Reza, was seen with concern in August. The delta variant covers 70 to 90 percent of cases (early in the month). In the summer, easing the measures without simultaneously increasing the dose of complete immunizations in the population can lead to a rapid and significant increase in cases of all ages, especially in those under 50 years of age. Deaths.

In Spain, the biggest danger comes from nightlife. If it rises to 252 cases per one lakh inhabitants (currently 11 in Italy), it will reach 800 per lakh between the ages of 12 and 29. Due to the rising incidence of infections in the Netherlands, tourism in the Iberian Peninsula is the main suspicion: 81 positives were found on 16 return flights from Palma de Mallorca and 60 on 14 return flights from the other Portuguese region of Algarve. Rate of night life. Between 15 and 29 there were 205 new positives in Spain or Portugal. Another alarm comes from Finnish health officials: 481 Kovid positives had returned from a flight from Russia after taking part in the European Football Championship in St. Petersburg. All sorted samples are from the Delta variant. In the circular, the Director of the Ministry of Health indicates three tools that the local health system should use to prevent infection. Detecting and adjusting isolation and shipping restrictions for those in positive, sequencing contact, starting with an infectious vaccine, and getting vaccinated faster

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10 July 2021 | 23:10

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