Interesting Facts About Halloween – 10/31/2021

Interesting Facts About Halloween - 10/31/2021

Halloween, formerly known as Halloween in the United States, is a party full of tradition, suspense and curiosity. Since its inception, in the 18th century, the celebration has changed a lot and conquered the world. In Brazil, it is becoming more and more popular every year.

Historians say that Halloween originated about 3,000 years ago in an ancient festival called Samhain (the last meaning of summer). The ritual was performed by a group of Celts living in the United Kingdom (formed by England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales). The party lasted three days and started on October 31st – hence the Halloween date celebrated today.

Today’s Halloween mold has been around since the 1800s, when nearly 1 million UK residents migrated to the United States to escape the Great Depression. These people carried the traditions to America as if they were playing in the harvest fields.

Over time, various legends have been incorporated into Halloween until modern Halloween was formed, with people wearing horror-themed costumes and candy requests.

The party, which has been promoting movies and series since 2000, has become popular in Brazil. Here, October 31st is celebrated as the day of Sassy, ​​one of the most important characters in our folklore – a one-legged black boy, wearing a red hat and living by deceiving adults. In the United States, Halloween is the biggest secular holiday.

The ‘Trick or Treat’ started with the children asking for a cake instead of a prayer

‘Trick or treat’ is one of the most traditional Halloween games. In costume, children knock on doors asking for treats, and if they do not succeed, they prepare something for adults.

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Historians say that this part of Halloween appeared in the United Kingdom between 1500 and 1700, during the holidays, close to Halloween. The children went from house to house asking for “spirit cakes” (soul cakes made with bread with currants). When received, they prayed to remember the beloved relative of the already deceased donor. This tradition was incorporated into Halloween and brought to America. These days, ‘tricks or treats’ are unavoidable on Halloween.

Pumpkin has become a symbol of the large size of orchards in the USA

The lamps inside the pumpkins are a symbol of illuminating the way of the spirits. This tradition originated in Ireland, but the Irish used turnip, which was more common in the country. In the United States, this method was introduced in pumpkins due to the large availability of this fruit. In Ireland, as a means of frightening away evil spirits, carving food with cruel expressions was also practiced.

Coldrons received tickets with burned orders

Coldron is associated with the witches’ spells, which enabled the sages to use their knowledge of herbs and plants to cure diseases. It is believed that the smoke from the cauldrons caused these messages to reach the spirits.

During Halloween, the main colors of costumes and decorations are black, purple and orange. But what do they represent? Black is believed to be one of the most important of the black master’s magicians, sorcerers, and priests. Purple, on the other hand, symbolizes all the magic of Halloween celebrations. Orange gives energy and vigor at that time. According to another theory, in ancient times, Halloween was celebrated at the beginning of autumn, when the leaves of the trees turned orange and the days were dark.

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