Intel brings the first machines to Fab 34 in Ireland

Intel brings the first machines to Fab 34 in Ireland

this week, Intel The first tools began to be installed Fab34, Updated it Production plant A Lakeslip, Inn Ireland. As expected, the new factory will be operational from 2023, in addition to technology Intel5 The company (formerly known as 7nm) could eventually make chips using the node Intel 4. The first device to be installed on Fab 34 “Lithography Resist Track”, Developed and manufactured at an Intel Facility in Oregon. The second is to deploy the wafers and coat them with a thin layer before placing them on the scanner.Extreme ultraviolet”(EUV) For display. Later, the wafers return to the lithography resist track for photographic development and washing.

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In 2019, Intel began upgrading its Fab near Lake Clip, Ireland. To install ASML’s giant EUV scanners, Intel basically had to build the plant from scratch, which is why it took about four years to set up its Fab 34. The new facility will allow. The company will manufacture its innovative products using Intel Node 5 in Ireland from next year and adopt Intel Manufacturing Technology 4 in 2024 to manufacture more sophisticated chips. Intel said the new Fab will double the company’s production capacity in the region and benefit from it. Strategy IDM 2.0 This includes contract chip manufacturing.

Photo Credit: Intel
Intel Fab 34 Ireland

In addition to Ireland, Intel plans to build another manufacturing site in Europe to manufacture its own products and chips for third parties. The company was due to announce the location of the new site in 2021, but the decision to postpone the construction of the new semiconductor plants, which will cost tens of billions, was postponed due to planning with various states.

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