Inspired by the Round 6 series, Exchange School offers 100 scholarships to Brazilians to learn English in Ireland.

Inspired by the Round 6 series, Exchange School offers 100 scholarships to Brazilians to learn English in Ireland.

With advances in immunization and border opening, SEDA College, a language school with a strong presence in Ireland, is offering 100 scholarships to Brazilians.

According to the educational institution, the Netflix Round 6 Series was inspired by the activity, but unlike those who attended the show, Brazilians do not need debt to participate in the scholarship draw and fulfill their dream of doing an exchange abroad. There are 10 full scholarships, five of which are short-term (up to 4 weeks) and five long-term (6 months), which allows the student to even work in the country, with 90 partial scholarships and a 35% discount. A free voucher from Ryan Air for prospective students to make their first trip to another country in Europe during the exchange period. Apply through SEDA Program Form.

The draw will take place live on SEDA College’s YouTube on November 19th. All scholarship winners will have their names announced on social media, but applicants who are not in the top 10 will automatically be eligible for one of the partial scholarships.

The language school also offers overseas internships, SEDA internships, employability projects and SEDA jobs. More than 30,000 students from around the world have attended the school, including names such as Winderson Noons, Louisa Sonsa, Nayara Rattaco, Pathi Dos Reyes, and Zusao.

The ‘Hyper English’ online course has upgraded its platform

Online English Course, a hyper-English website, has a new look. Along with the redesign, students will also have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive content and see part of the academic team. Users can follow materials with tips, productivity and business.

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The course offers the possibility to adjust the study plan according to the time available to the student and the goal to be achieved, offering all support so that the challenge of incorporating English into his or her routine can be overcome.

In the package, features such as: Online chat with teachers to ask questions; “Hyperfeed” is always an up-to-date selection of songs, movies, and series for language training, and “hyper missions” are simple challenges to incorporating language into everyday life.

Saadia becomes the official brand of the ranks of
Lollapalooza Brazil 2022

Saadia, the most valuable food brand in the country, is announcing a special partnership with Lollapalooza Brasil 2022. The brand, which has a history of activating the entertainment world at events, will now diversify its range of options for the #LollaBR audience. In the model of unprecedented participation, Saadiya will quench the hunger of the youth who are anxiously waiting for the resumption of personal events and ensure that all waiting is satisfied with great emotions. Appetite appeal, At a festival marking the return of great names in music.

Since fans do not want to miss even a single moment of the show, Saadia promises to increase the energy of the public and create connection moments for those who enjoy the most awaited version of #LollaBR and will be your best ally. To this end, the brand will rely on its most practical and fast-moving consumer products such as Cream Mac ‘n Cheese Saadiya, Classic Nuggets, Pizza Choice, Crispy French Fries, as well as a hot dog made with a variety of Saadiya sausages. . In line with all the variations that characterize the event, the brand will bring its vegetarian options, vegetarian options, vegetarian options and products like vegetable nuggets. Extremely accessible to all ranges with over 100 vendors and multiple sales points delivered by Autodromo de Interlagos.

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With different activities at different parts of the festival, including the Lola Lounge, Saadia still offers many surprises to keep the audience excited and engaged. For those who do not attend, the brand will conduct content activities in a digital environment so that everyone can pursue the experience of this partnership with great creativity. Vibration Lollapalooza of Brazil.

“Saadia is pleased to announce another successful partnership with those who know more about music entertainment. Lollapalooza Brasil 2022 represents the diversity of styles in all its forms, so it has a lot of value integration with Saadiya. We will use the attitude of innovation, youth and practicality to promote experiences beyond just tasting good food. The public can wait for the news because we are going to help them swallow what #LollaBR has to offer, ”said Gisela Toledo, Saadia’s Executive Manager.

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