INPS censuses Italian pensioners abroad: “You must prove you are alive”

INPS censuses Italian pensioners abroad: "You must prove you are alive"

Rome – Retirees residing here until February 7, 2022 American continentApplication forms for life attestation can be obtained from Citibank NA in Scandinavian countries, Eastern Europe, neighboring countries, Asia, the Middle East and the Far East.

It is important for the Institute to examine the existence in the lives of pensioners collected abroad. The difficulty of obtaining complete, up-to-date and timely information on pensioners’ deaths exposes them to the real risk involved. Unnecessary payments. The assessment is made by Citibank NA, a credit institution that makes payments outside the national territory for INPS.

The deadline is June 2022

Retirees residing in these geographical areas must return the forms to the bank by June 7, 2022. If the certificate is not produced, the July 2022 installment will be paid in cash to Western Union agencies. In case of non-collection of officers or failure to produce the certificate by July 19, 2022, the payment of pension will be suspended from August 2022.

The Institute has foreshadowed a four-month period to attest to the existence of life, so pensioners, as in the past, do not need to go to consular offices, guardians or local authorities as soon as they receive letters. It also takes into account the need to avoid dangerous combinations in light of the current health emergency.

Identity document

Also, INPS Ministry of External Affairs They shared a project that allows pensioners to interact with consular offices through a video call service. Here’s how it works. Retired:
– Receipt by regular mail from Citibank NA, application form for life attestation, among other things, including personal details, INPS number and Citibank NA code identifying the pensioner himself,
– Fill it in, indicate his telephone number and email address, attach his signature and date signed on it,
– Send a digital copy of the form and an identity document to the institutional email address of the consular office in the country of residence where the pensioner will be contacted by email, via video call, applications, if the model has a telephone number, such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft, Webp or Janews .

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The Consular Office examines the existence of the pensioner’s life and the correspondence of the data contained in the form through direct vision, which has already arrived with a digital copy of the identity document via email. During the video call the pensioner will show the original of the document.

Dedicated portal

If enabled, the Consular Office official attests to the existence through the Agent Portal provided by Citibank NA. In this case, in any case, the official of the approved consular office invites the pensioner to send the original form with the date and signature to the consular office by record mail for record keeping purposes.

If the agent is not enabled for the portal, during the video call, the officer invites the pensioner to send the original attestation form with the date and signature to the consular office by regular post so that he can complete the evaluation of the form. Normal procedure .. The Consular Office then normally sends the form to the original Citibank NA “PO Box 4873, Worthing BN99 3BG,” by post. United Kingdom“.

Health Emergency

According to local legislation, eligible individuals with the authority to certify the existence of pensioners in life also have four months to fulfill their obligations. If the retiree is unable to produce the standard attestation, Citibank NA will accept life certificate forms issued by the local authorities (Acceptable witnesses), Lists of which are divided by geographical areas can be checked on the dedicated web page on the Citibank NA website.

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In addition, referring to the consular offices, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a circular directing the Consular Structure to consider procedures related to ensuring survival in the midst of emergency services. Pensioners living abroad cannot extend it even in the event of closure Health Emergency.

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